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The Happiness Retreat -Koufonisi ,Greece

A full mind –body awareness & creativity journey in Koufonisi Villas.
Vegan food, Yoga & Biomatic Anatomy,Pulse/Impluse Dance and Floating Body.
Time for Relaxation & Swimming.
Located in the gorgeous island of koufonisi, with majestic beaches and picturesque white exclusive sanctuary,just 8min walk from exotic Pori Beach.


Pori Beach,Ano Koufonisi, Ano Koufonisi GR 84300

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Jul 16 to
Jul 23
18:00 pmto12:00 pm

The Happiness Retreat. A full mind – body awareness & creativity journey Seven days/six nights :Yoga & Biomatic Anatomy,Pulse/Impluse Dance.
July 16th -23rd Koufonisi island-an exotic and quiet Greek paradise with turquoise blue beaches.
Registrations until June 30th 2016.


725 €

Including 3 Vegan Meals per day +all classes

Double bedroom with shared bathroom (lower level )
shared 725€
Single 900 €

Double bedroom with shared bathroom ground floor
Shared 780 €
Single 1.040 €

Master suite (lower level)
Shared 865 €
Single 1.100 €

Master suite (ground floor)
Shared 970 €
Single 1.320 €

Full Description

Highlights (included):
➢ 6 nights/ 7 days of stay in a paradise –on –earth place.
➢ 3 Delicious Fresh Vegan Meals per day
➢ Daily Biomatic Anatomy & Breathing & Yoga
➢ 3 classes of Pulse /Impulse Dance
➢ 3 classes of fLOATING BODY
➢ Welcome early Dinner– Farewell breakfast
➢ Transportation from and to Koufonisi Port - Koufonisi villas
➢ Mindfulness living all day long (as much as you wish)
➢ Playful games (surprise for those that wish!)
➢ No goal settings –Be present in the moment!
Dearest Ones! I invite you to a full mind – body awareness retreat named HAPPINESS in a Full Moon week !

We will learn & enjoy, enjoy & learn so we can actually reach the state of happiness by welcoming and accepting ourselves unconditionally as a unique and amazing creation every single second. With attentiveness and fun! We will be as creative as children, as unique as stars, as free as birds, as floating as leaves, as humble as flowers, as creative as human beings.

And yes, the more we discover the miracle of our own body structure, of our individual movement patterns and emotional habits, the more we realize that we are at home. Our body is our primary home.

Each day we will practice Biomatic Anatomy ,Breathing and Yoga Asana in the morning. In the evening we will alternate Pulse /Impulse Dance and Floating Body on the Beach.

Everybody is welcome. I believe that every human can find a new way of living through mindful movement. In my teaching methods there are no boundaries of age, body form, nationality, identity.

Retreat Location:

The Koufonisi Villas are located at Pano Koufonisi. The villas overlook Pori Bay, one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the Mediterranean. There is a beautiful yoga shala located amongst the olive trees, made of stone with light curtains to shade the space.
The 5 Villas are close together overlooking the beautiful beach which is 8’ walk from the villas.

The bedrooms are comfortable and cozy, with carefully selected fabrics and funky accessories, a touch of whimsy that creates a loving, homely atmosphere. There are plenty of open plan areas to lounge both inside and outside.

Our cuisine will be 100% VEGAN. Three meals per day, prepared with love by the wonderful creative chef Esco Koskilaulaja, using local products. We will eat well and leave the retreat feeling light and clean but at the same time satiated and inspired to eat better in our everyday life.

Thai massage –Alexandros Stavrinos
(upon request)Traditional Thai Massage is a very deep and powerful form of healing and also a spiritual path. I have studied Thai Massage with master teacher Asokananda and with Arno L’ Hermitte. In my healing practice today I incorporate Thai Massage and Reiki in every session, creating an even more dynamic and powerful experience.

Brief Schedule

Saturday July 16th 2016
Arrival in Koufonisi & welcome Dinner

Sunday July 17th
Morning & evening practice

Monday July 18th
Morning & evening practice
Boat excursion to Drima-Antikeri &Kato Koufonisi

Tuesday July 19th
Morning & evening practice

Wednesday July 20th-FULL MOON
Morning & evening practice
Full moon party & Full moon night bath

Thursday July 21st
Morning & evening practice

Friday July 22nd
Morning & evening practice

Saturday July 23rd –departure or free day on the island or day trip to Amorgos

Our practice

Biomatic Anatomy & Breathing &Yoga Asana

Pulse Impulse Dance

Floating Body (on the beach)

Timetable (Sample day):
07.30-8.00 Tea
8:00 -10.00 Biomatic Anatomy & Breathing & Yoga Asanas
10:30 Breakfast
11.00-15.00 Free time
15.00-16.00 Lunch
16.00-18.30 free time
18.30 -20.30 Pulse /Impulse Dance or Floating Body
21:00 Dinner

Highlights (not included):
➢ Boat excursions
➢ Bicycle rentals
➢ Full moon party drinks
Thai massage

Apostolia Papadamaki is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, a traveler, performer and teacher.
An ongoing life learner, Apostolia studied release contemporary dance and contact improvisation at Movement Research- New York, Yoga at Jivamukti Center –New York,and Alexander Technique with Shelley Shenter. Being a lover of arts and movement she also studied Physical Theater, Ai ki Do, Scuba Diving, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Greek Traditional Dance, Capoeira and many more, collaborating with inspiring artists, musicians, and teachers in many lands.

After 20 years of ongoing studies and research on movement Apostolia, founded Biomatic Anatomy, an holistic approach to movement that expands to Pulse Impulse Dance and Floating Body. She believes that everybody is a potential artist, everybody can find fulfillment through movement. In her methods there are no boundaries of age, body structure, nationality, identity.

She was the artistic director of Sine qua non dance co until 2001 and of Quasi Stellar dance co from 2002 until now. Her choreographic work and teaching methods have been presented in more than 40 festivals around the world. In 2004, Apostolia choreographed the 12th Paraolympic Games Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of Athens, created a 25 minutes choreography of “Humanity” with 250 professional dancers and 350 amateurs. In 2015 she choreographed (together with Sophie Bulbulyan) the 1st Underwater Dance performance in the world: Drops of Breath, a project that took 3 months of underwater training involving 14 dancers underwater and was viewed by underwater and surface audience.
She has been choreographing for theatre, opera and films in Greece and abroad. She has been collaborating with Belgian Director and Visual artist Jan Fabre since 2001 as a performer or researcher. She was the President of the board of the State School of Dance, a member of the Board of the Center of Ancient Greek Drama, and now she is at the board of directors of the Megaron –the Athens Concert Hall.

Koufonisi Villas Yoga Shala

Skeleton and bones, the way to movement freedom. We will explore your skeleton construction, your joints and how they operate while practicing major Yoga Asana, to create the greatest possible space while moving. The lack of space between the joints restricts mobility and very often leads to the creation of pain. I will teach you how to increase the mobility and the flexibility so that motion becomes much lighter and relaxed. At the same time, the release of bones of your body will create a mental euphoria, consciousness and awareness of your deeper shelf. Learning how to think of bones when we move, instead of muscles, increases mobility flexibility, motion becomes much lighter and relaxed and muscles work with the wright effort- the minimum- as much as we need to make a move.

At the same time, the release of bones of our body, improves mobility and creates mental euphoria. Enriching the knowledge for our bones expands our consciousness for ourselves.

-We realize our own skeletal structure and function.
-We learn the techniques of tracing the bones-tracking of bone and moving the bones.
-We practice mindful belly breathing and the function of the thoracic diaphragm. We re-connect with our natural breath flow and feel more grounded, balanced, open and present.
-We use mindful breathing to learn how to move the joints with freedom and without pain.
-We help each other with mindful touch to recognize the maximum range of movement of our basic joints, aiming to capitalize on when practicing Asana.
-We practice major Hatha Yoga Asana with flow and focus on alignment and holistic mind and body energy flow.
-We go into savashana-deep relaxation, visualizing our skeleton and our primary instincts.

Koufonisi Villas Yoga Shala

We start exercising in couples and we give each other pulses to different body parts in order to relax in the maximum degree the joints and liberate the senses.

Beginning on the floor and gradually raising the level of pulsation we come up to standing.

We learn how to dance expressing ourselves with the innocence of a child, moving with pulse that leads us to follow our inner «impulses» that can be transformed into movement: Turn, Jump, Fall, Run, Twist, Shake.

Selected music accompanies us all the time and indulges the body to overcome all restrictions we might have until we reach our abundant and joyful self.

We use Impulses as an entrance to our creativity and imagination.

On the sea shore, in the warm shallow waters of the beach of Koufonisi Villas.

Water: Many associate it with the body's deepest states of relaxation. We all grew up in the womb of a mother. Our body consists of 70% water. The support of water takes weight off the vertebrae and allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land.

Gentle, gradual twists and manipulations as well as passive stretches will raise our consciousness for how much freedom we can have when we move.

During Floating Body exercises a range of emotions can come up and be released into the process of continuous flow.

Our connecting with the breath, takes on a new dimension while floating in the water trusting ourselves to the hands of a partner.

We float someone in our arms and let them dance very slowly, breathing and moving together.

Experiencing both giving and receiving this most nurturing form of bodywork can help heal any wounds of separation we carry and renew in us our sense of connection and oneness with others.

We become one with the universe.

How to get there:
Direct flights to Mykonos or Santorini and then a high speed boat to Koufonisi (2 hours).
From Athens by boat from the Port of Rafina by high speed boat takes 4 hours.

Contact us:
For registrations and questions feel welcome to contact us:
Apostolia Papadamaki :+30 6936920860 –