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The Heart of Sound: Mantra - Nāda - Kīrtan - Bhakti Yoga RYT200

The world’s first entirely sound-based 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Course! Learn how to create a conducive environment for students to explore the transformational power of sound through mantra, chanting, and/or kirtan.


Parmarth Niketan Ashram, P.O. Swargashram, Rishikesh Uttarkhand, IN 249304

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Mar 20 to
Apr 4
23:30 pmto13:00 pm

This is a two-week residential immersion course at Parmarth Niketan ashram in Rishikesh, India. The course timing is through out the day, with breaks for lunch, rest, and a few days off to visit ancient holy places in the area.



Includes training materials and lodging. (Food and transportation not included.) *Special pricing for Indian nationals; please contact for details.

Full Description

Training Objectives:

Trainees will learn how to create a conducive environment for students to explore the yoga of sound through mantra, chanting, and/or kirtan.

Trainees will be able to offer knowledgeable guidance about mantra practice to students and support them to create a daily mantra meditation routine tailored to their unique needs.
Trainees will read and accurately pronounce any Sanskrit word from its transliterated form, using the accurate mouth position.
Trainees will be invited to use their own lives as a model for deep transformation. By applying the tools from this course, trainees will clearly see their own non-serving patterns and learn how to lovingly create patterns which more closely reflect their true nature. This will enable trainees to authentically share the same tools to inspire students.

No musical or mantra experience You need not be a master musician nor wish to become The goal of the training is to provide you with tools to follow the pathway of sound to your inmost radiant Self and invite others to find their own direct connection. Anyone with a sincere desire to consistently access their true nature, and express it through their voice and life's service, is WELCOME.

Core Learning:

Mantra Yoga
The Origin of Mantra ~ From Silence to Sound
A Non-Dogmatic History of Today’s Most Common Mantras
Mantra for the Modern Yogī ~ Spiritual Disciplines for Integrated Transformation
Falling in Love with Sanskrit ~ The Delightful Creative Play of Consciousness; Sanskrit from a Tantric Perspective
The Body of Mantra ~ Mantra Puruṣa for Healing Physical & Energetic Levels
Vedic Chanting ~ The Ancient Prescriptions
Healing with Mantra ~ Elemental, Archetypal & Ayurvedic Approaches
Ethics of Mantra ~ Sāttvic, Rājasic, Tāmasic Usage

Bhakti Yoga
From Yearning to Praise ~ Chanting as Ecstatic Poetry
Mantra Chanting Group Dynamics ~ Inviting Others into a Direct Experience of Sacred Sound
Kirtan Chanting Group Dynamics ~ Inviting, Building, Peaking & Integrating a Call & Response Chanting Session
Hindustani Classical Music Training ~ Exploring Rāga for Beginners

Integrated Transformation
Ayurveda & the Mind ~ Cultivating Thriving Balance
Loving & Evolving Your Citta Vṛtti ~ As you Think, So you Create!
Compassionate Communication (NVC) ~ Disarm your Internal Battles and Connect More Skillfully with Others

Schedule of daily practices for Rishikesh, March 2015:
6:30AM ~ 8:00 AM
Mantra Japa ~ Repetition of our True Nature
Praṇayama ~ Saturation in the Animating Force
Surya Namaskāra ~ Honoring the Body Temple

10 AM ~ 1 PM
After 90 minutes of the above combined morning practice each day, we have a light breakfast and then the primary experiential lectures on the core learning subjects above, with Anandra & guest teachers.

3 PM ~ 4 PM
Yin Yoga ~ The Art of Repose

5 PM ~ 6:30
108 Maha Mṛtyunjaya Mantras, Hanumān Chalīsa chanting, Bhajan singing, and Ganga ārti on the banks (Each evening there is public devotional chanting on the banks of Ganga, in the company of saints and hundreds of seekers from around the world!)
6:30 ~ 7:30
Nāda Yoga ~ Meditation on the Play of Silence and Sound
Bhakti Yoga ~ The Joyful Surrender to Love
(Afterwards, we retreat to our classroom and enter the heart of sound with Hindustani rāga exploration and further devotional chanting kīrtan practice.)

After dinner:
Compassionate Communication Practice Partners
Study Time

This 200-hour RYT course is offered in two 2-week modules which are ideally taken 3-6 months apart. Each two week module is residential retreat format, to provide the deepest immersion into the transformational container of our practices. The interim between modules will allow for integration and self-practice, preparing students to teach from their own authentic experience. NOTE: A 200-hour course in 1 month is more convenient for travelers, but our commitment is to supporting quality teachers rather than producing the maximum number of graduates in a short period of time. Hopefully this ethic makes your heart sing!

For a detailed on which topics are covered in each 2-week module, see website:

See you in Rishikesh! :)