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The Mini Retreat


Have you been locked into a gruelling work schedule for longer than you can remember, your body sore and mind cluttered? Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected, burnt out?

I believe you’ve come to this site and are reading these words for a reason. Consider this a call from your spirit – it’s time


8/102 Dudley St, Sydney NSW, AU 2034

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  • Retreat

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Feb 21
10:00 amto17:00 pm

Date: Sunday 21st of February
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm



Cost: $240 (Plus a COMPLEMENTARY MONTHLY PASS to the Sky Energetics studio classes with Alexis + a take home Yoga & Meditation practice & a month of UNLIMITED EMAIL CONTACT: I want to see you SHINE. You can contact me every day if you like, when things come up, or you have questions about your learnings and experiences - I will be there xxx)

Full Description

If you would like to cut to the core of who you are, create shifts in your life and walk away totally we welcome you to spend a day at Sky Energetics KYC Coogee in East Sydney.


Ancient wisdom and practices + Kundalini + Hatha Yoga + Group meditations + Yogic Tools & Techniques + Spiritual Teachings + Sound Healing + Organic Food……. (All in one day).

Moments like this come along rarely in life where you get the opportunity to step away from the normal day-to-day routine and dive deep into who you are to align with your true nature.
Feel Happier. Shine Bright. Unleash your Soul.

Even though we are more interconnected and technologically advanced than ever, we are also becoming more worn out, stressed, disconnected and unhappy. We are at the threshold of our human capacity, a tipping point where our lives can go either way. And so it is up to us to make the conscious choice for how our lives will be.

As Charles Darwin famously said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.”

Sky Energetics KYC Coogee is on a mission of creating a global movement of Inner Happiness, reconnecting us back to our natural feelings of:

Inner-Peace Inner-Worth Self-Love
When we act from a place of Inner Happiness, we make better decisions, and better decisions make for a better world.
To find out how you can become part of this global shift towards Inner Happiness + Love + Peace – join me for a special One Day Retreat.

Why a 1 Day Mini Retreat?

Come on a soul-nourishing adventure with us. We understand it can be difficult to find the time to spare for a 7 day retreat, we also know that overseas travel can put a dint in the budget. But let’s face it, we all need some time out to re-charge the This is why we have launched our mini retreat because women need to reconnect and reignite their feminine radiance. And because it’s a ‘mini’ retreat, we provide this retreat experience without the time commitment or the price tag!


Immerse yourself in two different pure and traditional styles of yoga.

Relax amongst feminine healing energy in a beautiful and spiritually uplifting part of Australia.
Learn and experience the boundless benefits of these ancient yogic sciences.

Be guided through a program carefully designed to teach you how to
• Manage physical and mental health and spiritual wellbeing.
• Improve your digestion & immune system.
• Lower your levels of stress and boost your levels of energy.
• Learn how to calm your mind through Breathing + Meditation

Here’s what it’ll be like spending the day with me
Cozy. Eye-opening. Blissful.

o There’ll be Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Work & a Meditation session
o A Hatha Yoga session to deeply relax & release stress, tension & toxins
o Group Meditation session
o Lots of bonding with me and your brand new tribe – plenty of Love, Energy & Passion
o Beautiful surroundings + a deep nurturing environment so we can really let go
o Deep relaxation sessions using Tibetan sound bowls and a huge Gong
o We will enjoy Organic teas and drinks throughout the day and Fresh Organic Delicious meals
o You’ll receive your own welcome pack and special gift upon arrival
o I’ll give you a Post Retreat Yoga + Meditation practice even the most time poor of us can do


The yogis know it’s takes around 40 days to create change, so I’m giving you a whole month of COMPLEMENTARY yoga classes Sky Energetics KYC Coogee with ME

The first time I experienced Kundalini Yoga was in a class by Alexis. I had completed many yoga classes prior to this class, but nothing compared or prepared me for what I felt next. Upon my arrival I was welcomed and made to feel very relaxed. I was given time during the practice to contour accordingly. After I completed my first Kundalini Yoga session with Alexis, I was floating from the incredibly relaxed state I was in. No doubt I walked away present, empowered and ready for the moment to come. I have shifted to a higher level of living, experiencing more inner calm, self-connection and mindfulness. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing your wisdom through this ancient practice. Love and blessings, Namaste.

Amy Pareezer - Brand Manager at Primo Smallgoods

Catapult into 2016 stronger and calmer than ever + plant the seeds for how you would like the year to unfold.

Retreat Program

o Initiate the healing Space: Together with a sage stick, candles, incense and sacred chanting I will open our scared space for our day of healing together. We will commence with some breathing to calm our minds, arrive in the room and connect inwards and to one another.

o Connecting within: Each one of us will tap into our inner wisdom and write down what we would like to gain from our special day.

o Kundalini Yoga + Meditation session: It’s time to feel rejuvenated. I will teach you powerful Kriyas focusing on Detoxing + Healing + Inner-Peace & Self-Love. Our Kundalini Energy will awaken – begin to feel more alive.

o Mouth Watering Organic Vegetarian Lunch: Locally prepared + RAW treats to share amongst our circle of beautiful souls. Connect. Nourish. Replenish.

o Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Healing Bath: It’s time to relax and let these ancient techniques heal your entire being. Everyone will lay on their mats, let go, and bathe in the sounds – a time for deep rejuvenation.

o Hatha Yoga (Shivananda) Session: I’ll guide you through our second yoga session of the day. Be taken on a gentle journey of Proper Exercise, Breathing, Relaxation, Positive Thinking + Meditation.

o Afternoon tea sitting: Sit back, mingle, and indulge in some RAW Vegan treats, Bliss Balls + Comforting Herbal Tea.

o Let your creativity shine through: Get Clear. Connect Inwards. Unleash your Soul. We will journey to our inner selves and Plant the seeds for 2016.

o Closing Sacred Circle: The powerful group feminine energy will merge together in this special Kundalini Mantra Meditation. You will walk away with the ability to implement your own daily Yoga & Meditation practice + an understanding of how to use these ancient yogic techniques in everyday life. We will say goodbye feeling a new sense of Stillness, Radiance, GLOW, Inner Peace, Inspiration, Energy + Inner Happiness.

Date: Sunday 21st of February
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: 8/102 Dudley St Coogee, 2034.
Cost: $240 (Plus a COMPLEMENTARY MONTHLY PASS to the Sky Energetics studio classes with Alexis + a take home Yoga & Meditation practice & a month of UNLIMITED EMAIL CONTACT: I want to see you SHINE. You can contact me every day if you like, when things come up, or you have questions about your learnings and experiences - I will be there xxx)

I’d like to reserve my place, how do I book in?

Sky Energetics is an intimate boutique yoga studio, please note places are limited to 8 lucky women. As we like to keep the group small and personalized, the mini retreats tend to sell out. My last workshop was fully booked. So if you’re keen please reserve your place by clicking below to avoid disappointment.

It is my belief every women has her own unique calling, purpose and gifts. When she connects inwards, taps into the intelligence of the heart, her natural radiance is allowed to blossom.

Are you ready? Will you be one of these 9 lucky ladies?

To book click on the website below

I’m so excited to spend this day with you.

Alexis x