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The Natural Breath & Beginning Pranayama

Oxygen is just oxygen and pranayama is just breathing right? Not exactly. Prana is life force energy, and pranayama is the collection of yoga breath practices that address it.


1020 Dennison Ave. Suite 202, Columbus OH, US 43201

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  • Workshop

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Jun 7
02:00 amto10:30 am

All day workshop with a lunch break.



Full Description

This workshop is a good basic introduction to the natural breath, common dysfunctional breathing patterns, and beginning pranayama practices. You’ll learn, or perhaps review, the anatomy of the breathing muscles, basic seated and supine postures for pranayama, abdominal vs. diaphragmatic breathing, engaging the bandhas, and various preparatory morning practices that assist you in establishing a pranayama practice. We’ll also cover a few beginning pranayama techniques such as ujjayi, kapalabhati, and nadi shodana as preparation for a continuing in depth study of these practices over time.

This workshop is for all yoga students. Yoga teachers will discover ways to assess students’ habitual breathing patterns and develop an approach to pranayama that is suitable for them.