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The Power of a Quiet Mind

In this workshop, we return to a grounded center, and experience the clarity, focus, and power of a quiet mind. Using asana, pranayama, meditation, and Moon Salutations, we learn about the Sun and Moon symbols in the context of the goal of yoga: developing the capacity to witness the forces at work inside us. Workshop ends with Yoga Nidra.



21 Belmont Street, Cambridge MA, US 02138

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  • Workshop

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Mar 7
14:00 pmto16:00 pm



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A little-known fact often not taught in group classes: In the yogic tradition, the breath is the primary tool for regulating the nervous system, thinking, emotions and life energy. Yogic breathing (Pranayama) is the path to skillful stress management, self-regulation of the nervous system, and development of equanimity and authenticity. In this experiential workshop you learn to cultivate the capacity to be with a greater range of emotions, feelings and sensations and watch patterns as they emerge, releasing habitual patterns so that you can create new patterns from a place of discrimination versus a place of reaction, transforming how the mind and body intuitively respond to stress. A strong witness helps you to integrate your experiences to find greater vitality, clarity and contentment, both inside and in the world. We end the workshop with a progressive meditative relaxation practice—Yoga Nidra—the antidote for lifestyle stress.

Open to all levels.