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The Priestesses of Gaia

The Priestesses of Gaia Retreat

"Woman take one and all of your what is what is ours"


Anidri, Crete GR 73001
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  • Retreat

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Aug 31 to
Sep 6
09:00 amto12:00 pm

Check in 30th August - Check out 7th September


1,200 €

For Early Birds First 5 registrations 999 Euros ALL INCLUSIVE!

Full Description

The Priestess of Gaia Retreat
This is a call to all women from across the earth who are being called to be aligned with their life purpose of true SERVICE to gather together.

Women of Wisdom, Women of Power, Women of Strength, Women of Grace, Women of Silence, Women of Love
~ This is for you.

A call to Healers, Artists, Dancers, Therapeutic Practitioners, Yoga Teachers… to anyone feeling to step into ACTION and create global women`s wellness, We have a space for you!

Taoism ~ Tantra ~ Ceremonies ~ Meditation ~ Yoga ~ Sacred Sexuality Healing ~ Shamanic Journeying ~ Sharing Circles ~ Voice therapy ~ Qi Gong ~ Sacred Temple Dance ~ Alquimia ~ Drumming ~ Creative Arts, Pottery~ Astrology Journeys ~

“She who spins and weaves ~ She who occupies sacred space”

Our intention for this Gathering of Sisters is to collectively Empower, Initiate and remember how it is to live our highest truth and realise our full potential as women.


Lyonne is dedicated to her journey of embodying deep feminine essence. She has been on a profound journey and has been studying and embodying Tantra and Yoga . Her tantric journey has encompassed Traditions such as Kashmiri Shaivism (through Agama Yoga) and Taoism (through the lineage of Mantak Chia). These traditions serve her devotion to evolving deeper into the lived knowing of the feminine. Her passion is to perceive life through a tantric approach and embody truth in every step of her life through openness and compassion.

Lyonne guides you on your inner sacred journey by holding space for healing, transformation and empowerment. She shares light and love through private and group sessions, workshops and retreats.

ALESSANDRA Like most of the Arians Alessandra loves action.
Her calling is to become a bridge of clarity where women and men can envision their first steps towards their own evolution, which in is as simple as:
“The freedom of just being yourself”. This is something that she embodys and enthusiastically supports trough different ancient healing practices like TaoTantra, Shamanism and Yoga. Her passion for music and arts had taken her trough powerful paths of deep conection with all living beings, this is one of her most apreciated offerings so get ready for drumming and singing loud from the heart with her.

Our inspiring
The magical legendary Island of Crete will recieve us during these 7 days.
It is said to be one of the most appreciated sacred spots in Greece because in ancient times it was the land of the mysterious Minoan Civilization who habitated between 2000 to 1450 BC. What brings us here is that this culture used to worship a female Goddess, the Goddess of fertility, who now in our days we may call Pachamama, Mother Earth or Gaia. Beside this, our major motivation is conected with the fact that the main foundation of the civilization were women. Priestesses, warriors, artist, musicians, healers, and any kind of creative manifestation. It is believed that trough this way of living, a logical order was stablished in humankind, and such ways allowed man to live in peace and harmony with the natural enviroment.
With ceremonies, dance, prayer and music they achieved states of ecstasy that put them in touch with the supreme natural. It is said that they choosed this island so they could constantly be stimulating their creativity, indeed it is full of clay!, so the pottery was another important way of expressing life and being conected with the divine source.

We can say that the worship of the cycles of nature were present in every single action in the Minoan Civilisation, so lets say that this land has a lot of empowering energy to share with us and to learn from it during our retreat!

~ Accommodation
A wonderful Eco Centre in Anidri at the skirt of the Cretan mountains.
It is a beautifully mud built cared centre with stunning sala which we will use for our women circles, dances, ceremonies, and healing sessions. Our bhakti moments will be held in an amazing eco sound temple, and for your relaxing times there is a dining terrace from were you can contemplate views of sky and romantic olive groves. We are half hour walk to the beach
The accommodation is twin rooms en suit.

~ Food
Three healthy Vegeterian meals per day. Our chefs will prepare the food with the best local organic vegetables from the area.
The dishes will be based on a mediterranean light diet.
Any special preparation on request : gluten free, please contact
Mystic Moon with anticipation.

Last night gathering will be a dinner celebration at a local Greek Restaurant!