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302, Kam Hing Building, 20 Hillwood Road, TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong., Hong Kong HK 0000
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Mar 22
03:30 amto03:30 am

10.30AM – 5:30PM (Sat)



ONE FULL-DAY workshop HKD 1200
Early Bird by 28 Feb HKD 950

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22nd Mar - Sat (10:30AM – 01:00PM)
Fundamental View on Yin Yoga Meridian Series
Yin Yoga Meridian Series is a practice that generate and harmony the energy cycle in the body. In Chinese Medicine, the organs are all connected via the Meridians. Meridians are energy lines that connect the extremities of the body to the core. By using the Meridian Theory in Chinese Medicine, one will be able to access into the main energy lines in the body to bring stimulation to the meridian and ultimately the organs.

In this workshop, you will learn about ways to access and open the main meridian gateways in the body. You will also learn how to generate and raise more Yang energy via the Yang channels. It is suitable for students who have experience on Yin Yoga practice.

22nd Mar - Sat (02:30PM – 05:30PM)
Yin Yoga for Digestion
Digestion is a big issue in our modern world. Many people suffer from some kinds of gastronomic disorder such as poor digestion or bowel problems. However, we know that in order for the body to continue to remain healthy, the whole digestive, absorption and eliminating function of the body have to remain healthy. Yet they are all inter-related. In this workshop, you will learn a meridian practice on digestion and how to improve metabolism, digestion, absorption and elimination function. You will learn also be taught the meridian clock to harmonize your daily activities to maintain good gastro-intestinal health.