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The Rainbow of Life: Rekindling the Fire of a Vibrant Holistic Health

If you are seeking to regain balance, vibrancy and inner peace in all aspects of your life then this 6 day body-mind-soul nurturing retreat is for you: the 5000 year old wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, neuroscience and cellular healing will gently guide you to accessing the keys to a vibrant expression of life (prana)


Corcreggan Mill8084693
Dunfanaghy, co Donegal IE

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  • Retreat

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Aug 25 to
Aug 30
16:00 pmto11:00 am


1,199 €

Full Description

Can you even conceive of the experience emerging from a seven-day retreat, centered on YOUR needs for self- nurturing, energizing, and personal transformation?

It’s been that long hasn’t it! Sooo …difficult to imagine! And yet this is what this retreat is all about. Creating space in your life for nurturing, energizing and personal transformation using the transformative 5000-year-old healing wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation! (Delightful essential oils, chakra toning and melodious chanting will further enhance this experience.)

How would it feel to experience empowerment, trust and peace even in the midst of life’s challenges?

It would be wonderful wouldn’t it! Whilst at the magical and peaceful, award winning Corcreggan Mill you will be given the tools of dynamic meditation leading you to instant stress management as well as many other “life skill” tools…

Can you even imagine how it would feel to guide your body and mind back to balance and joyful energy?

Hard to believe…but that’s exactly what will happen: nestled in between sea, lakes and gentle hilly land, located on one of the 10 power points of the old, pre-Celtic site ” The Place of Transformation,” in co Donegal, "Gentle Awareness Yoga" will guide you in reconnecting to your body, journeying through the different layers of your being and restoring balance.

Wouldn’t you love feeling improved digestion, body softly detoxing, finding it’s own ideal weight (without crazy dieting!), and energy soaring up, all the while enjoying beautifully nurturing foods prepared by our award winning chef?

That is precisely the beauty of this 6 day retreat which will give you time to learn and implement simple but profound Ayurvedic principles based on your specific body type. Those same Ayurvedic principles will guide you to resetting your inner clock, realigning with Nature’s sacred rhythm and experiencing the natural flow and joy of life.

How comforting would it be to meet like-minded people, on the same quest as yourself and with whom open, authentic communication would just flow?

Would be so nice wouldn’t it! During this profoundly transforming retreat, you will learn techniques supporting you in getting in touch with your emotions, identifying, sharing and dealing with them in a safe and healthy way. More importantly these practices will not only create ripples in your everyday life, whether at home, with friends or at work but also at a deep level within you and you will become your own best friend.

What's included:
* 6 breakfasts and teas/water and delicious healthy snacks ·
*4 scrumptious lunches & dinners prepared by our winning award chef ·
*Karma yoga during which you will get to interact with other participants but also learn tips from our amazing chef. ·
*Comfortable, simple accommodation (twins or shared spacious Kitchener hosting 4 including a spacious living space and kitchenette ·
*12 yoga classes (of which 2 surprise sessions)- prayanama-meditation-chanting supported by the ancient and amazing balancing power of essential oils ·
*12hrs+ Ayurvedic lifestyle sessions and applied Ayurvedic practice ·
*2 hrs dynamic meditation integrating “life management” tools ·
*Opening and closing as well as evening “satsanghs” – chanting ·
* A brief intro to essential oils ·
*Your own personalized introductory manual to Ayurveda + surprise gift ·
*2hrs "discovery walk" with our accredited tour guide and host Brendan Rohan ·
* 2hrs accompanied walk to the amazing beach of Tramore ·
*Downtime to unwind, journal, integrate the amazing experiences you will be undergoing but also connecting to other like minded folks. ·