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The Secrets of Tantra

Have you always wondered what Tantra was about and how this spiritual path can lead to enlightenment in one lifetime?
Tantra is an accurate science of personal development, which confronts you with fundamental questions concerning life, man and the Universe.
Thula Yoga shares authentic teachings as taught by the oral secret Tantric schools of India, Kashmir and Tibet. This foundational Tantra workshop delivers the very basic information needed when approaching Tantra Yoga.


7-9 Eccleston Street, London London, GB SW1W 9LX

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Jan 24
03:00 amto10:00 am



Bring a friend or a partner and pay only £150 for the two of you.

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The Basic Foundations:
The Chakras
Polarity of Energy
5 Bodies

Hatha Yoga - for Sensuality

Unblock, Purify and Balance your entire energy system
Transform physical pleasure into a more profound, psychologically fulfilling erotic experience
Learn how to maintain brahmacharya (an essential part of Tantra)
Develops willpower, perseverance and self-confidence
Consciously perceive, control and direct energy

Introduction to and Classifications of Tantra
Like it has done with so many other things, Tantra has been distorted by the West and it's authenticity has become lost and tainted with sense gratification that has no spiritual means at its end. Find out once and for all what Tantra really is and how you can use it towards spiritual evolution.

Brahmacharya - Preservation of Creative Energy
One of the guiding points for ethical living as a yogi according to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. The preservation and control of the sexual energy is Tantra is a necessity - find out how in this lecture.

Sexuality of the Chakras
Discovering the more sensual and sexual aspects of your consciousness will allow you to become more in tune with what kind of a lover you are and how to adjust to the needs of your partner according to temperament and energectic mood.

Chakra Energy Circuit
Learn to perceive and control energy at the level of the Chakras through energy circuit exercises.

Music Meditation
On the sexulaity of the Chakras

You need no previous experience or knowledge in yoga and the content is and structure is suitable to individuals and couples alike.