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Tim Miller Workshops at Modern Yoga

“Taming the Mind, Enlightening the Body, and Unveiling the Spirit”


Modern Yoga
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9619 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale AZ, US 85258

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Mar 24 to
Mar 26
07:00 amto17:30 pm

Friday 7-9am
Friday 6-8:30pm
Saturday 10:30am-1pm
Saturday 3-5:30pm
Sunday 10:30am-1pm
Sunday 3-5:30pm



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“Taming the Mind, Enlightening the Body, and Unveiling the Spirit”

Friday 7-9am Mysore

Friday Evening: Taming the Mind—The Marriage of Philosophy and Methodology

Pattabhi Jois often said, “Ashtanga Yoga is Patanjali Yoga.” His teacher, T. Krshnamacharya, considered the Yoga Sutras to be the single most important yogic text, and the most instrumental in the development of his teaching methodology. In this workshop Tim will provide an introduction to Chapter 1 of the Yoga Sutras—Samadhi Pada—and explore the connection between the philosophy of Patanjali and the methodology of Ashtanga Yoga. (Light practice—2.5 hours)

Saturday Morning: Enlightening the Body—The Primary Series

A brief synopsis Sadhana Pada (chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras) followed by Yoga Chikitsa (Primary Series), a systematic and profound method for reducing Tamas by detoxifying the body, removing excess Apana, and, quite literally, bringing us to our senses. The class will conclude with the Hanuman Chalisa—40 verses in praise of the embodiment of perfect Sadhana, Hanuman. (Strong practice—2.5 hours)

Saturday Afternoon: Roots and Wings—The Mysterious and Elusive Bandhas

Foundational to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is the application of Mula Bandha and Uddhiyana Bandha to bring steadiness and lightness to the body, length and smoothness to the breath, and concentration to the mind. Through the exploration of different asanas and pranayamas we will discover how the proper application of the bandhas can take our practice to the next level of mindfulness. (Light practice—2.5 hours)

Sunday Morning: Nadi Shodana—An Introduction to the Intermediate Series

An explanation of the purpose of the Second Series and its relationship to the Pranamaya Kosha (energy body), the Chakras, and the Kundalini Shakti, plus an introduction to Nadi Shodana that includes extra preparation for some of the more challenging poses, like bhekasana, kapotasana, and eka pada sirsasana. (Strong practice—2.5 hours)

Sunday Afternoon: Polishing the Mirror—Pranayama, Mantra, and Kirtan

We will explore the practice of Pranayama and Mantra to cultivate the Sattvic quality and awaken the Buddhi (natural intelligence), and conclude with grand finale of Kirtan to take us Nirguna (beyond the gunas) and into the Anandamaya Kosha (the blissful body). (No asana—2.5 hours)