Traditional Hatha yoga weekend Inmersion with Ravi Dixit

¨Yoga is not about the perfect pose. It´s about reconnecting with yourself and finding harmony between you and you. This will bring peace and health to your body and mind.¨


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Sep 21 to
Sep 23
17:00 pmto13:00 pm


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Take some time for yourself this weekend to just breathe, stretch, relax and clear your mind. Traditional Hatha yoga classes as taught in India, with a focus on Pranayama (breathing techniques), asana practice and mantra meditation.

Ravi is an experienced teacher with a friendly teaching style, suitable for both beginners and advanced.

He combines asanas (physical poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and ancient indian mantras in an accessible an playful way. His authentic classes have a focus on connecting breath with movement and can help with stress relief, anxiety, injury or illness recovery and bring harmony to body and mind.

September brings us the end of the summer and introduces us in the fall, the transformation season.

Esther will guide us in a Yin yoga practice to welcome this new season during Friday evening . And she will led us again in a farewell practice on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the coming of a full moon in Aries.


RAVI DIXIT-Traditional Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and mantra.

ESTHER CORTAVITARTE- Hatha Sivananda, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and yoga Nidra.
Ravi Dixit. Masterclass:


Moving into autumn and with a full moon coming up, this weekend is the perfect time to focus on nature and it's five elements – Earth, water, fire, wind and space.

The same Five elements exist in our body. When These elements are out of balance, it can result in stress, fatigue and disease.

In This yoga workshop Ravi will take us back to connect with the five elements through a series of yoga asanas, pranayama and Kriyas to restore balance and maintain good health.

Nature is constantly changing and so are our bodies, when we connect to nature and the elements, we move with them to stay in balance.

Power of Prana (Air Element)

Our breath, air element, also known as Prana is our life force. It is the one thing we cannot live without. That is why the air element is most powerful to clean toxins from our body. Pranayama will allow you to direct your prana or energy, gain mastery of the mind and purify the body.

Understanding the proper use of breath during asanas and including pranayama practice into our daily routine will increase both our lightness and our inner power. Clearing the mind and energizing the body, you will feel freshed and ready to start your day.

Esther Cortavitarte.

1-Yin Yoga Autumn Equinox: balancing our digestive system. Balancing and reconnecting with the earth element. Ending with a body scan.

Yin Practice focuses on helping you and your body to make the transition from one station to another. When we approach the autumnal equinox, our minds and bodies are often directed to a period of excessive concern, especially for the future, excess gas and digestive disorders are often also present at this time. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, when we enter the autumn we enter according to the Ayurveda in the station VATA-excess air, worry, dryness and burden.

The best way to assist the body in this transition is to use reconnection practices such as Yin Yoga. In this practice we will focus on working with the stomach/spleen meridians to balance the earth element and improve our digestion.

2-Slow flow moon salutation and full moon yin yoga.

The Full Moon is a time of higher energy and is a wonderful time to practice gratitude and let go of anything that doesn't serve us anymore. This could be an attitude, a perspective, a relationship or an endeavor. Be honest with yourself and recognize what is going well and what deserves your attention and learn to let go of what brings you down, steals your energy and makes you feel "less than".