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Trigger Point Myofascial Release: Breaking the Facade

When releasing the tension/MTrPs:
- kundalini yoga
- twisting the fascia;
- compressing the tissues with props(balls/rollers);
- suction cups (decompress to create more space);
- partnering up to decompress with an assisted stretch;
- yin yoga for the long hold;
- meditation


101-1461Johnston Rd, White Rock BC, CA V4B 3Z4

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  • Workshop

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Jan 26 to
Feb 2
10:30 amto13:00 pm

Working deep with the fascia is to eliminate the restrictions of the connective tissues. Trauma? Perhaps scar tissue is limiting the movement.



Full Description

“Why do we create a façade? Because we’re insecure. Why are we in secure? Because we have yet to fall in love with ourselves. We have yet to fall in love with what we truly are. Everyone has a ‘sales pitch’, and everyone has ‘what’s really going on’. The Yogi is endeavouring to merge them into one truth… And that is a work of a lifetime.” - Jai Dev Singh

Trigger Point Myofascial Release

What is Breaking the Facade?

First, would you agree that to function in life we put on some sort of façade?

Second, do you think is better to embrace all of our neuroses than to act like they don’t exist?

And third, did you know that pain is not natural?

With the upcoming workshops you will learn how to break free from pain, and delve into the body and mind.

Learn how to move freely
in your body with
trigger point myofascial release.

- DoTerra Oils
- kundalini yoga
- compress and decompress
- yin yoga
- meditation

3 Workshops
Westcoast Hot Yoga
Jan 19th, 26th, Feb 2nd 10:30-13:00

$65.00 +GST each
CE credits available