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Trigger Point Yin Yoga

Trigge Point Release with Yin Yoga


1-15531 24th Avenue, South Surrey BC, CA V4A 2J4

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Jan 17
13:00 pmto15:00 pm

January 17th, 2016
Vayusha Yoga, Surrey BC
Learning what a trigger point is, how to release them with props, and how to use gentle yin yoga after.



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Full Description

Ongoing Trigger Point Yin Yoga Workshops

a) Trigger Point theory with specific issues
b) A practical component with trigger point release through the use of balls and rollers
c) Hands-on Bodywork
d) Partner Stretching
e) Yin Yoga

What Are Trigger Points (TrPs)?
The most simplified answer to this question is Trigger Points are knotted muscles. They are the little balls you feel in your muscle belly, or tissue. Pick a sore spot and touch it with your finger tips, for example when you rub your neck and shoulders. These TrPs are contracted tissues that are not only accessible to touch, they are very measurable under a microscope. The most amazing point here is knowing that you can release knotted muscle yourself, and upon that release there may be immediate pain relief! Check out how to find trigger points.

Basically, the brain is not aware of the tensions that are being held within the tissue until there is pressure on the area. With trigger point massage and/ or self-therapy, feedback reaches the brain immediately to send a message to the muscle to relax. Sound simple?

Sure it is, but more truthfully, there are many studies and a couple of encyclopedias with a lot of complicated information. This is one reason why I am compelled to help people find their way in creating their healthy, pain-free body.

This is good news! With a little bit of knowledge and self-care practice you will be well on your way to a better, pain-free body and life. Knowing that pain is simply a message, and YOU are LISTENING. Now, you will have the confidence in knowing what to do about it!

Simple things like purchasing your own Trigger Point Workbook from amazon, and/ or taking a few hours in a trigger point class can give you a kick start to know what to do about your own issues.