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TTC IYT 250 + Hrs

Successful completion of TTC IYT 250+ Hrs gives eligibility to RYS 200 Certificate.


#144/E, 7th Main Road, Gokulam 3rd Stage,, Mysore Karnataka, IN 570002

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Oct 18 to
Nov 14
22:15 pmto12:15 pm

TTC IYT 250 + Hrs will be conducted for a period of 4 weeks.
Starting on 19th Oct 2015 will end on 14th Nov 2015.



This is an Early Bird Offer that can be availed if payment is made before 31st August 2015

Full Description

Course Curriculum:

The Indea Training 250 Hrs+ taught in Yoga India is divided into 7 parts. It is designed to meet the expectations of the Yoga 7 parts are:

Technique: includes the training and practising of Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Chanting, and Meditation
Teaching: includes the training and teaching of demonstration, observation, assistance/correction, instruction, teaching styles, and learning about qualities of a yoga teacher and the student's process of learning.
Anatomy and Physiology: includes the study of physical anatomy, the skeleton, organs and muscles, cardiovascular system, Pancha Kosha & nutrition
Philosophy and Ethics: this part includes the study of yoga scriptures, ethics for yoga teachers, life of a yogi
Practicum: In these hours, the students have to observe and assist classes lead by the main teacher and also teach by themselves.
Karma Yoga: the students have to help to run the Yoga-school. Includes office work, organization and public relations.
Self-practice: study of recommended books and participating in discussion and practice of all the above mentioned topics.
The students have the opportunity to observe and assist the main teacher for approximately 10 lessons. During that time the students gain knowledge of the methodology of teaching which includes the principles of demonstration, instructions and observation.

Additionally, the students have the possibility to teach at least 5 hours with the supervision of the main teacher and eventually unsupervised. The basics of anatomy and physiology will be introduced and explained by an experienced local doctor. Topics will include: the structure and function of the skeleton, the main organs and muscles and the respiratory and the cardiovascular systems.

During Asana Technique Class, the meaning, limitations, benefits, technique and common mistakes of each of the asana practised are explained and discussed in detail.

List of Asanas and Therapy Practices taught during TTC (Level 1):

Surya Namaskara

Hastasana Pada Prasaranasana Pada Prasaranasana Namaskarasana Pada Prasaranasana Hastasana

Vrikshasana Series

Hasta Padangusthasana Kati Chakrasana Chakrasana


Hastapadasana Hastapadasana classical Variation Trikonasana A 9. Virabhadrasana B Padottanasana

Sirsasana Series

Mukha Svanasana Mukha Virasana (Step-1 to Step-6)

Chakrasana Series

Virasana Parivartanasana Padangusthasana

Pascimottanasana series

Hasta Dandasana Sirshasana A Janu Srishasana Padma Paschimottanasana Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana Konasana Konasana


C Matsyendrasana

Mayurasana Series

Mukha svanasana

Sarvangasana series

1. Sarvangasana Pada Sarvangasana Matsyasana Padasana

Therapy Practices

Joint Movements :

1. Ankle Stretching

2. Hands in and out breathing

3. Hands stretching breathing

4. Sitali tadasana

Fornt and Back Bending:

1. Sides Stretching

2. Spinal Twist

3. Parivratta triconasana Strectching

4. Surya Namaskara 1

5. Vagra Swasa (tiger) breathing

6. Bujangasana (Cobra) breathing

7. Shalabasana (locust) breathing – alternate legs/ both legs and head

8. Dhunarasana (Bow) breathing

9. Urdva prasaritapadasana (leg raising) – alternate/both legs

10. Setu bandasana (bridge) breathing

11. Pavana Mukttasana kriya (wind release) – alternate/both legs, rocking, rolling, and single leg rotation

12. Jataparivatanasana (abdominal twist)

13. Savasana