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This is a one month intensive training, lead by the founder of Tulayoga & Tulamassage, Louka Leppard.
It is a time for peace and regeneration, a time to return to your breath, to your nature and to the present moment. A time to unify your mind with your body, sensations and feelings and to become a transmitter of relaxation and calm.


Bali Bliss, Ubud ID
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  • Retreat

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May 15 to
Jun 11
07:45 amto07:45 am


2,900 €

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The Tula training will take place at the Bali Bliss Resort in the village of Bankiang Sidem, situated on a famous pilgrimage trail, 20 minutes by foot from Ubud.

In a traditional Balinese Shalah, Set among lush vegetation, with fish ponds, lotus flowers, butterflies, birds and a salt water swimming pool overlooking a tropical forested valley, you will learn and develop your skills in the art of Tulamassage & Tulayoga.

Working alongside Louka, Sophie de Lacaze-Duthiers will be giving classes of body reading, intuition development and emotional awareness and Laura Smail will be giving morning classes of specific yoga postures, pranayama and physical exercises that support the Tula practice of each day.

The complete Tulayoga training is comprised of 160 hours in total over one month and includes 20 hours of yoga & exercise, 48 hours of practical Tulamassage training, 48 hours of Tulayoga practical training, 24 hours of body reading, intuition development and emotional awareness, and 20 hours of body centred meditation.

Laura Smail will be giving a one hour, daily class of yoga and pranayama before breakfast.
Laura is a clear, caring and passionate teacher who can adapt to your needs, weather you are a complete beginner or have an established practice.

During the training you will learn and practice a full body Tulamassage flow using oil. You will be shown how to feel into and along the natural pathways that run through and around the body and how to encourage it to return to an open and vibrant symmetry. Tulamassage practice will develop your senses and vocabulary in the language of touch, it will unify your strength and tenderness and allow you to approach and release tension in anothers body with confidence and respect.

Tulamassage is practiced in rhythm with specific pieces of music so that you can let go of your mind and come down into your heart and sensations.
Ultimately Tulamassage becomes a meditation; a choreographic structure around which you can be creative and follow your intuition,
dancing rhythms through an open heart into movement, nourishing both yourself and the people you come into contact with.

At the end of the training their will be a formal assessment for those who would like to be certified for professional Tulamassage practice.

As well as being an effective and complete treatment in itself, Tulamassage is also an essential preparation for Tulayoga. It gives people the space and time to decompress, to relax and release the majority of their tension, which in turn allows their experience of Tulayoga to be more profound and effective.

After lunch and a break there will be three hours of Tulamassage Practice.
Through daily practice of the 22 postures of Tulayoga you will come to understand and experience that Tulayoga is the art of balance, momentum and relaxation rather than force. As you find a cooperative harmony between your strength and sensitivity and become more concentrated and relaxed in each posture, your focus will shift from thought and action to feeling and reception.
You will come to observe how you alternately step down into progressively deeper states of relaxation, dissolving into alignment and symmetry together.
This is the gate through which you both can transcend the physical and enter into a clear, meditative and timeless state of consciousness.
At the end of the training their will be a formal assessment for those who would like to be certified for professional Tulamassage & Tulayoga practice.

Sophie de Lacaze-Duthiers will be teaching 4 full days over the course of the workshop, sharing her knowledge about body structures, how our posture reflects our inner world, intuitive reading and emotional processing.
This will help you deepen your connection to yourself through your own body and tune in to the needs of others through theres.

The Tulayoga Practitioners Manual is provided as part of the course.

On all training days a varied and delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the course fee. If you've never been to Bali it's hard to fully grasp how good it is :-)
On your free days you can explore and enjoy the hundreds of local restaurants.

Accommodation is not included in the course fee.
Luxury onsite accommodation is available at Bali Bliss as well as various different accommodation options in the surrounding village for those on a budget that begin at around 300€ for a month.
please contact Kevin at Bali Bliss for a list of accommodation options at Bali Bliss and in the surrounding area:
/> Telephon: +62 8123 666 954

If you take part in the course, wherever your accommodation is, you are free and welcome to use the facilities at Bali Bliss, you will also be taking your daily meals there with the rest of the group.

Flights are not included in the course fee.
Transfers to and from the airport are included.

The Tulayoga Practitioners Training is an advanced intensive course intended for those who already have experience in the field of the healing arts, yoga or meditation and who have attended at least one Tulayoga Basics weekend.
If you have a great passion for this work but have not attended a Tulayoga Basics yet, please contact Louka Leppard directly to see what the possibilities are.