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Urban Restoration

Restorative Yoga Workshop


2410 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee WI, US 53211
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  • Workshop

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Jul 17
18:00 pmto19:30 pm



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Restorative asanas are often seen as similar to yin, but utilize props such as blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps to support the body in each pose. Each posture can be held anywhere from 2-10 minutes. The props provide the body with the necessary support to allow space for the tissues to safely and slowly lengthen. In a restorative asana practice we are able to bring greater awareness to pranayama. Pran translates to “life force” while ayama is “distribution.” With the “life force” being our breath, we will practice different breathing techniques that distribute and circulate energy to root down and center our bodies and minds. Class will end in a practice of dyana, or meditation. In asana and pranayama we work to still the mind, while in dyana we work to transcend it by intense concentration. When we learn to transcend the mind and ego, we are able to access the universal union that will bring greater peace in ourselves and in our worlds. Yogi’s of all levels are encouraged to attend and will leave feeling well-rested and rejuvenated.