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Vibrate The Cosmos, Weave The Web

A Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic Medicine workshop
Suitable for all levels of ability


The Mossley Community Centre151009
Roughtown Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne Mossley, GB OL5 0SG
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  • Workshop

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Apr 24
10:00 amto13:00 pm

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for a 10am start



£15 Concessions
£20 Flowing
£25 Abundant

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Vibrate The

Often times we feel challenged and blocked by life, obstacles appear, our old attitudes and wounded ways can create limitations, our lives become a drag, or a source of frustration or disappointment, or overwhelming and stressful. But we have We can go to war, fight, increase the pressure, the stress-load. We can give up, let go into apathy, boredom, 'what's the point anyway'. Or we can find the middle ground, utilise ancient practices for the benefit of our modern lives and call ourselves into alignment with the Cosmos and with our Soul's original destiny. On the middle path we are connected with both the fighting spirit of our Warrior Self, and our eternally wise and trusting Spirit. We both take action AND

Mantra is one of the most powerful Yogic tools we have to support us in walking the middle path, with it, we Vibrate The Cosmos and then let go and allow the Cosmos to Vibrate us and our lives. The back and forth Vibrations travel to and from us along the magical Web of

Weave The

In Shamanism, Grandmother Spider teaches us about the power we have to both weave the pathways or our lives and to then walk along them. She reminds us that both the power AND the responsibility lies with us. She weaves her web afresh everyday in response to, and in connection with, her inner and outer environment. Each strand of the web is a bridge from past to future, spiritual to physical, personal experience to global concerns; we are reminded that everything we think, say and do as individuals triggers a vibration that travels down the threads of the web and affects the Whole.

She takes down her web if it is damaged or if it simply isn't effective in supporting her life or the lives of others, and knows with absolute certainty that she has the gentle strength, patience and all of the resources she needs to re-build over and over again.

In this workshop, Grandmother Spider will guide us as we come together to take our place at the centre of our Web and using the powerful practices of Kundalini Yoga and Mantra, we will Vibrate The Cosmos and Weave Our Webs in alignment with our Soul's truth and the Universal Plan. PS If you have an aversion to Spiders please come along anyway, She really is a wonderful friend ;-)