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Vibrational Harmony-A Special Kundalini Event

A special Kundalini event with a long Mul Mantra session.


704 Warren Avenue N. Seattle WA 98109, Seattle US

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  • Community Event

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Apr 1
19:00 pmto21:00 pm



Full Description

The technology of sacred sound codes is available to all of us for healing and transformation.

The yogis call these codes the Shabad Guru, which simply means a special sound that is a teacher. These mantras are universal and anyone of any faith or background can use this technology. When we take the opportunity to read, sing, chant and listen to these special sound codes we deeply connect with our divinity and excellence. Shabad is “a sound that cuts away the ego, which obstructs the truth from you” and Guru is a teacher that transforms you, a remover of darkness.

As we chant the words, a powerful transformation takes place. Our bodies begin to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness and anything in us (our karmas, habits, subconscious patterns) that does not match this higher vibration begins to unstick. As we continue chanting in this exalted frequency we clear and remove our blocks to higher consciousness.

In this special Kundalini yoga class we will do kriya together and then devote time to chanting the Mul Mantra together for 31 minutes. “This mantra has a vibration of empowerment that reminds your soul of its fundamental Self; purity, prosperity, and grace. You become that. Fate dissolves. Destiny can be rewritten”.