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Vikasa Yoga Workshop & Fundraiser: 30% Yang 70% Yin

Learn how to summon Yang and Yin Energy, utilizing postures from Vikasa Yoga style, and beyond. 30% of workshop will feature active and strong Yang postures, followed by 70% Yin, deep stretching and restorative passive postures.


PaKua Martial Arts and Yoga Center4717759
2105 Avenue U, Brooklyn New York, US 11229

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  • Workshop

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Jan 31
12:00 pmto15:00 pm

Early morning class is 10AM, followed by the Vikasa Yoga Workshop at 12 noon. You can take both class and workshop if you like. Its entirely doable.



Workshop Cost $25 - All monies collected will be donated to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraiser.

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Workshop Cost $25 - All monies collected will be donated to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraiser.

Vikasa is a Sanskrit(classic Indian) term which means 'EVOLUTION', thus the Vikasa Yoga style is geared for transformation of ones body and mind, exploring ones limitations and ways to rise above them.

Yang Energy is active and considered male.
Yin Energy is passive and considered female.
Laws of Yang Yin.
1. Yang Yin are opposite energies.
2. Interdependent: Can not exist without each other. One is not better than the other, they are of equal importance and cannot exist without each other.
3. Mutual consumption of Yin and Yang in each person, but, to a different degree.

The first 30% of the workshop will be alloted to fierce 'Yang' body strength & conditioning exercises, including Hindu Calisthenics and Vikasa Yoga long holds to build muscular endurance and postural stability. The last 70% of the workshop will be devoted to ''Yin' exercises for lenghtenting, stretching, deep-muscular-tissue release and relaxation. The Yang principle is one of toughness, grit, and power, it is the male energy of the universe. The Yin principle of one of yielding energy, giving in to oneself, relaxing, and letting go to what is, it is the feminine energy of self-comfort and grace. During Yin we will explore a variety of deep Yogic stretches for unlocking tightness out of the large joints of the body. Furthermore, as we progress from Yang to Yin I will further explain how to generate either Yin or Yang energy forces within the body, and how to harness their unique powers separately and in union with one another.

My hope is when you leave the workshop you feel energetically balanced, stretched out, relaxed, tranquil, and with new knowledge of how to mix and balance Yin and Yang energies for harmonies modern day living.