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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training & Mindfulness, 200 Hours - Amsterdam

This is a comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training & Mindfulness programme created by Mandy Lathan. The course covers the practice of yoga, well beyond asana. Discover the depths of yoga as it relates to the body, mind (psychology, Mindfulness, & emotions), and spirit. Learn many practices of integrating yoga into your life and learn to teach!


Lutmastraat 191, Amsterdam Noord-Holland, NL 1074 TV
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  • Teacher Training

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Sep 3 to
Apr 9
2016 - 2017
14:00 pmto19:00 pm

14:00-19:00 on Saturdays and Sundays
September: 3-4 & 17-18
October: 8-9 & 22-23
November: 12-13 & 26-27
December: 10-11
January: 7-8 & 21-22
February: 4-5 &18-19
March: 4-5 & 25-26
April: 8-9


2,200 €

€250 deposit will reserve your place; deposits are nonrefundable.

Total cost of training: €2200

Full Description


Asana, defined as “seat,” is the physical practice of yoga. Throughout this training, you will learn healthy alignment within many vinyasa postures, how to assist and adjust students in poses, common injuries, contraindications, how and when to make postural modifications, and the benefits of postures. Additionally, learn modifications and especially beneficial postures for prenatal students.

Discover how to create a balance of effort and ease (sthira sukha) within every posture through the use of proper alignment, pranayama, bandhas, and intention. Observe, teach, read, discuss, and practice to gain a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Pranayama, Meditation, & Mindfulness

Learn about the muscles that aid in the respiration process, how and when to practice various pranayama techniques, and how to teach these techniques as well. Pranayama can deepen an asana practice, be used as a tool for dealing with depression and anxiety, and can be beneficial in many other circumstances off the mat.

Several meditation techniques will be explored via discussion and practice. We will look at research studies and results pertaining to various techniques to give you a better understanding of how meditation works within the brain. You will be encouraged to establish and maintain a regular meditation practice at home.

Experience a complete, 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy (MBSRT) course! Develop your attentional control and observe how it transfers into various aspects of your life.

Anatomy & Physiology

Through discussion, palpating muscles, discussion, visual aids, and asana practice, learn basic anatomy and physiology and how they apply to a yoga practice. Learn how the body moves and how to adapt a practice for various physical particularities. An understanding of anatomy and physiology can also greatly transform your personal practice.


Learn about the 5,000 year old system of natural healing and how to apply aspects of Ayurveda to your own life. This science is often combined with a yoga practice as a means of understanding your body and treating it when ill or unbalanced. Deepen your understanding and appreciation of self-care as you discover the principles of this holistic approach to living a balanced life.

Yogic & Practical Philosophy

Throughout this program, some of the philosophies relating to yoga will be explored through discussions, experiments, reading, and writing. Additionally, we will dive into practical philosophy as it relates to your practice, teaching, and life off the mat.

Challenge your reductive views of self and other, inspire inclusivity in your life, and invite transformation of thought and action.

Assisting, Adjusting, & Reading Bodies

Learn to see the particularities of your students' bodies and how to make suitable adaptations within the asana. With this knowledge, explore the art of offering hands-on assists and adjustments to enhance your students' practice.

Physical, Intellectual, & Emotional Intelligence

An integrated practice of yoga connects the mind to body and is applied to life off the mat. As you learn how the mind and body work together, discover how this affects your moods and emotions. Explore, furthermore, the role of your yoga practice in your experience of various emotions. We will have a specific focus on anxiety and depression.

Sanskrit & Chanting

In the context of your yoga practice, explore this classical language of India. Learn the pronunciation and translation of many Sanskrit terms, gain an understanding of its historical significance, and learn to practice chants in Sanskrit.