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WAITING LIST ONLY - Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations - Beyond the Kegel

Struggling with leaky sneezes? Concerned that a bouncy workout will bring about a problem situation? Are you also bothered by low back pain and tight, cranky hips? You are SO not alone.

We’ll teach you a mix of techniques to repattern the hips, core & low back so that you can have less discomfort and more fun.


Pasture Lane, West Lebanon US

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Oct 12
09:30 amto11:00 am

A workshop in two sessions:

Saturday Oct 12 9:30 - 11:00 and Saturday Oct 19 9:30 - 11:00

message me if you would like to join the list!



Full Description

At some point most women will come up against pelvic floor dysfunction. Kegels are great, but strengthening is only part of the picture in addressing the pelvic floor issue. Balance of function is much more important to remedy & improve your most irritating and inconvenient pelvic floor issues.

We’ll dive into improving pelvic floor function through strengthening, relaxation, visualization, targeted breath work. We will touch on the anatomy of the core, how to discover and “feel” these deep muscles, as well as how to tone these muscles that are so important for our daily lives and our long-term well-being. We’ll shed some light on “PVD” and have open-hearted discussion about this inconvenient issue that so many women share. You’re not alone!