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Weekend of Shiatsu with Pekka Warling (FI)

Come and learn the sacred art of Shiatsu with Pekka Warling, a licenced massage therapist and the owner of the Finnish Massage Center in Brussels. Workshop is suitable for newbies and people already familiar with Shiatsu. During the two days you’ll learn the basics of the healing art and also have time to practice.



55 rue Alphonse Renard, Brussels BE 1050
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Type of Event

  • Workshop



Oct 22 to
Oct 23
13:00 pmto17:00 pm

Saturday 22 October 13hrs-19hrs
Sunday 23 October 10hrs-17hrs


140 €

Fee: Single 140€ / Couple 260€

Full Description

Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. It is a form of traditional Japanese massage that works on the energy lines (meridians) in the body to bring about balance (health) and peace of mind.

Pekka works with Seitai-Shiatsu, that was developed by Japanese Kato Sensei. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese body massage called Anmo. In shiatsu the meridians (energy channels) in the body are opened with acupressure. In addition the treatment includes different stretching, mild handling of vertebrae and joints and reflects area handling.

Seitai-Shiatsu treatment relaxes the body and mind, opens tensions in the body and improves energy flow and metabolism. Seitai-Shiatsu invigorates the body’s own healing powers and it helps among others stress and anxiety, neck-, shoulder- and back problems, fatigue and bowel problems.

About Pekka:
Pekka is a holistic massage therapist who uses different techniques and traditions. He has been practising and teaching Shiatsu since 2004. Pekka got into the art of massage through martial arts, first art being Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). After that, he continued to the shiatsu and traditional Finnish bone setting, and then sports massage. Pekka continues his studies and incorporates all the knowledge to his repertoire. With his close to 40 years of background in martial arts and over 15 years of experience in massages therapies, Pekka has an extensive knowledge about body mechanics, mobility and human anatomy.

The Shiatsu is the most soft of the techniques he uses and it is closely related to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In shiatsu you go through most of body’s energy channels (meridians). The treatment is relaxing and it can also help muscle tension, relieve stress and enhance your energy level.