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Wellness & Energy Boosting Retreat

This three-day retreat will help you reconnect with your essence, achieve personal growth, improve your health and energy, reconnect with mother earth, and retrieve your own “natural zest”.


Laklouk Country Club8222236
Laklouk main road, Aaqoura LB

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  • Retreat

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Aug 30 to
Sep 1
09:00 amto19:00 pm



Full Description

Wellness and Energy Boosting Retreat; a stay-cation in the Heart of Laklouk is back in its Second Edition!

Treat yourself to a much-needed break and join us on a very unique “mind and body” journey to fully recharge, reboot, and inspire you! Experience 3 days of disconnection, yoga classes, fitness and Eco-touristic activities (caving, hiking, aqua gym…), massage, wellness and health tips, great selection of food, campfire nights, stargazing, wine tasting, honey tasting, art and consciousness workshops and sharing sessions.

Enjoy daily yoga sessions and other more dynamic activities and visit stunning locations that will take your breath away. Every detail will be taken care of to ensure your retreat is truly unforgettable. You will not only spoil your eyes with the majestic natural views through excursions and trekking, but also relax and rejuvenate your body with yoga and mindful experience.

● Learn to take care of yourself.
● Learn to be happier.
● Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods.
● Increase your energy and creativity.
● Reduce stress and anxiety.
● Disconnect and reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature.
● Push yourself to your limit.
● Learn the basics of healthy eating and lifestyle.
● Spend quality time with loved ones.
● Meet new people.


❖ 9:00 AM: Check-In
❖ 9:30 AM: Traditional Breakfast
❖ 10:30 AM: Chateau Musar Wine Tasting
❖ 12:30 PM: Aqua Gym Class with Tony Yammouni
❖ 2:30 PM: Vegan Lunch Buffet by Cleanse
❖ 4:30 PM: Hike up to Highest Peaks with Anthony El-Hachem
❖ 6:30 PM: Sunset Yoga by the Lakes with Mayssa
❖ 7:30 PM: Lake view Dinner
❖ 9:30 PM: Night Walk Back Down
❖ 11:00 PM: Lights out

❖ 7:30 AM: Morning Call
❖ 8:00 AM: Traditional Breakfast
❖ 9:00 AM: Morning Trek
❖ 9:45 AM: Nature Collage Workshop with Collage Artist Ghyda Helou
❖ 1:00 PM: Vegan Lunch Buffet by Cleanse
❖ 2:00 PM: Beehive Visit and Honey Tasting with Seba El-Hachem
❖ 3:30 PM: Chinese Tai Chi Yang Style Martial Arts Class with Daniel Tawbi Habibian
❖ 4:30 PM: Free Time: Schedule your massage sessions with Sandra Salemeh or your Diet Consultations with Michella or Mayssa
❖ 9:30 PM: Bonfire Yoga with Mayssa
❖ 10:30 PM: Dinner by the Bonfire and Stargazing
❖ 11:30 PM: Lights Out

❖ 7:30 AM: Morning Call
❖ 8:00 AM: Sunrise Flow with Mayssa
❖ 9:00 AM: Traditional Breakfast
❖ 10:00 AM: Free Time: Schedule your massage sessions with Sandra Salemeh or your Diet Consultations with Michella or Mayssa
❖ 1:00 PM: Yi Jin Jing Qigong Martial Arts Class with Daniel Tawbi Habibian
❖ 2:30 PM: Vegan Lunch Buffet by Cleanse
❖ 3:30 PM: Body, Face, and Hand Reading Master Class by Jana Sharaf Khalifa
❖ 4:30 PM: Caving with Alaa El-Hachem
❖ 6:00 PM: Free time: Schedule your Diet consultation with Micha and Mayssa
❖ 8:00 PM: Checkout


1. All Inclusive Packages
These Packages include: Your choice of Accommodation (Apartment, Hostel, Tent), all activities, all meals, a 30-minute massage, body assessment, and diet consultation.
Starting $350

*Benefit from the Early Bird Offer up until August 15, 2019
*10% discount for groups of 4 and above
*10% discount for last year's participants
*All Retreaters will benefit from a welcome package and discount promo code from SohatiCare Sohati صحتي

2. Build Your Own Package: Can't join the retreat? Feel free to enjoy the activity you like. Ask about the single activity and workshop prices to build the retreat that suits you best!

3. Are you only free to join one of the days of the retreat? Daily packages are available for $110 per day excluding accommodation, massage, and diet consultation.

Get to know the people around you on your stay-cation!

*Try to carpool to reduce your carbon footprint! Should you need transportation from Byblos to Laklouk Country Club, kindly book ahead of time for the extra service
*Gather yourselves in groups of 2 or 4 in tents or in groups of 4 or 6 for the apartments or enjoy the company of your fellow retreaters and make new friends!

At this year’s Retreat, meet:
● Mayssa Tayar: Dietitian and Yoga Instructor at Cleanse
● Michella Habre: Dietitian at Cleanse
● Lara El-Hachem: Owner and Host at Laklouk Country Club
● Tony Yammouny: Swimming and Aqua gym Instructor, founder of Aquademy
● Anthony El-Hachem: Local Tour Guide at Laklouk Country Club
● Ghyda Helou: Collage Artist who overlays moments, feelings, people, objects, ages, lifestyles, meanings, values, colors and tastes to bring a story to life through simple findings of everyday life.
● Sandra Salemeh: Licensed Physical Therapist
● Daniel Tawbi Habibian: Martial Arts instructor, certified by the French Ministry of Sport, 3rd degree black belt, 2013 Champion of France – Wushu, Co-founder of Self Defiance
● Jana Sharaf Khalifa: wisdom facilitator, founder of the NGO House of Wisdom Center, author of several publications, regular blogger at House Of Wisdom Center, psychologist, wife, mother, and in an ideal world a magician with no carbon footprint.
● Alaa El-Hachem: Local Eco-tourism Guide, founder of Explorers
● Seba El-Hachem: Local Beekeeper and Honey Maker

At this Wellness Retreat, strangers become friends and you open yourself up to sharing, learning with, and growing from other participants. It will create a platform on which, once home, you will be able to build so that you can continue to implement positive changes and a healthy lifestyle in your daily life.
Be many and spend a healthy stay-cation of a lifetime at Laklouk Country Club!

For more information or bookings call:
Lara, your host: 71 23 5151