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Wellness & Metaphysical Meet Up

Tarot Card Readings, Crystal Healings, Reiki, Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapists, Local Artisans, Clarity Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Guided Meditation, Custom Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Spiritual Apothecary Items, Holistic Chamber of Commerce & more!


Oct 30
12:00 pmto17:00 pm

Tarot Card Readings, Crystal Healings, Reiki, Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapists, Local Artisans, Clarity Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories & more!



Full Description

Tarot Card Readings, Crystal Healings, Reiki, Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapists, Local Artisans, Clarity Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Guided Meditation, Custom Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Spiritual Apothecary Items, Holistic Chamber of Commerce & more!

FREE Drop in Demo Classes

12:30pm Yoga w/ Maureen Davis
1:30pm Kundalini w/ Sukhmani
2:30pm Yoga w/ Linda Ananda
3:30pm Reiki w/ Claudia Bumuller
4:30pm Tarot Card Tutorial w/ Andrea Forester
Practitioners and Vendors:

Bir Jiwan Kuar (Amy Kayden)

Stop by her booth to talk w Bir Jiwan about her weekly Stress & Anxiety Class at GGIW.
Body Mechanic Massage

Meet Laura Holton and enjoy a 10 minute Introductory Chair Massage for $5.00
The Browning House

Gourd Art by Stephen Browning & Valentin Ruesga

Artist’s Statement

Since starting our collaborative work, our gourds have been a continuous experimentation. The first of our interest is in color. We have been trying different approaches and techniques to color that have resulted in highly contrasted work and deep coloring. Another priority in our work is shape. Even if there is little one can do to modify the original shape of a gourd, our work always tries to enhance or depart from this original form. Unexpected cuts and opening figures aim also to portray this experimentation. Finally, a great deal of our interest resides in design. Most of our works play with the seduction and intricacy of curves and natural elements in what we think is, their best seasonal moment. Some of our work also incorporates various natural adornments that are a constant reference to the nature of the gourd. We are still working on new elements and marriages that will always reveal the infinite possibilities of this art.

We have found that by collaborating we are able to enhance design, cut, adornments, and ideas which might be utilized. With our diverse backgrounds we are able to see different aspects which can be enhanced on each of the created pieces.

About the Artists

In 2003 Stephen founded The Browning House to give way to all his gourd craft he had been creating since the early 1990’s. Initially, Stephen’s interest was centered in basket-weaving, a craft he learned from a master basket-weaver and artist. Later he applied his weaving skills to gourd art. After that, he developed an interest in how to approach this art with a totally new eye. Research took him to develop new concepts and techniques.

In 2004 Stephen met Valentin at a art show where Stephen was exhibiting and teaching gourd techniques. Valentin’s interest ignited since gourds where absolutely unfamiliar to him. His artistic background with watercolors, however, made him think of the limitless possibilities in this new medium.
Cedar & Rose

Stop by Christine Phan’s booth for Spiritual Sprays and Oils, Crystals Crowns and to learn more about her Reiki services.
Claudia Bumuller

Claudia Bumuller, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Transformational Life Changing Mentor and Soul Coach with over 10 years’ experience is offering Mini Reiki Heart Healings $20 for 15 min.

Claudia will also have her Chakra Energy Balancing Creations, Chakra Energy Balancing Sprays, Herbal Dream and Meditation Pillows, Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklaces available for purchase.

She is also offering a Free Reiki Demo at 3:30pm
Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Margie Hansen, President, will be on hand to discuss the services and benefits of this wonderful community resource.

The Holistic Chamber was created to:
1) provide communities knowledge & accessibility to holistic practitioners.
2) provide holistic practitioners with business building skills & training.
Benefits of Membership include:

Online Public Member Directory Listing on HCC Website
Ongoing visibility and connectivity to local community
Networking with like-minded professionals
Business-building tools and education
Jayden, the Alternative Healer

Jayden is offering Tarot Card Reading and Shamanic Healing Shop$1 for 1 minute card reading

Jayden is a Shaman Psychic-Medium and the founder of The Alternative Healer. Jayden can contact your loved ones, animal friends, Angels and Guides in the spirit world. This helps heal and give you closure with your loved ones who have transitioned. He can also read your past, past lives, present and future.

Spiritual Life Coach, teacher & motivational speaker, Jayden can help you make the life changes you need to make in order to bring love, peace, joy, harmony & abundance into your life. As a Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Crystal Healer & Shaman of “Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques” he will work with you at a cellular level. His guide Lord Ganesh has allowed and guided Jayden in unlocking energy blockages while rebalancing souls.

Jayden has traveled to over 96 Countries experiencing and learning many different techniques and rituals to heal and guide other souls. You can learn many of the techniques in his two-day intensive workshops.

He works with people from all over the globe who have illnesses including MS, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Cystic Fibrosis, Insomnia, Cancer, HIV or even illnesses that cannot be diagnosed. His use of Crystals allow him to gather even more detailed information needed to help with your healing process and/or guidance in life. His many testimonials help describe his empathy, ability, and sensitivity. He promises to guide and help you with each of your issues to the best of his powers. Universal guides will allow and help you understand and develop your own abilities (if the root is there and if the universal guides allow). It is important you acknowledge your feelings. This is the first step to take the necessary actions you need to take back control of your life.
Laura Lee

Meet Laura, Intuitive Counselor & Clarity Coach. Laura is offering 15 minute intuitive readings for $20.
Laura Weintraub

· Purpose and Passionate Living

· "Monetize Your Passions and Discover Your Life Purpose!"

· $20 for a 20 min Life Purpose Angel Card Reading

Laura Weintraub is an Intuitive Entrepreneur, Published Author, Speaker, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Passion Mentor. Her work has been published in Angel Visions II and Saved by an Angel by Doreen Virtue a leader in the self-help industry. She is also the founder of the "Live Your Best Life Speaker Series" hosted at the Quiet Mind Bookstore at the Agape International Spiritual Center. She is the founder of two successful businesses in the event industry which allow her to live an abundant and balanced lifestyle.
Linda Ananda

Linda offers yoga classes weekly at GGIW. At our event she is offering 20 minute Reiki & Crystal Healing for $20. Be sure to ask about her upcoming Reiki Certification Classes and Yoga Free Dance event!

Linda Ananda has been a Usui Reiki & Seichem Master since 12/12/2000 and been training and healing clients from all over the world since 2002. She is also a RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor since 2015.
Marie Quanquin

Spiritual Guidance, Intuitive Readings, Crystals, Crystal Jewelry and metaphysical items 65 % off retail prices! A $25 purchase will entitle you for a free 15 minutes readings (to be scheduled at a later date).

Marie was the owner of The Path Spiritual Learning Center in Redondo Beach for 13 years. Her readings include oracle cards, mediumship, pendulum work, shamanic interventions as needed.
Paul Fetler

Meet Paul, yoga, meditation instructor and workshop host at GGIW. Paul is offering Free Sample Guided Meditation & Yoga Postures.

Paul Fetler offers inspiring and multi-faceted workshops and classes that combine spiritually focused asana, energy exercises, and meditation. A gifted storyteller, he often interweaves with these modalities healing affirmations and yogic wisdom teachings.

Since 2005, he has been offering yoga classes weekly at the Ananda Meditation Center in Torrance. In addition, Paul also has been serving as an instructor of asana, meditation, and more recently yoga philosophy at Ananda LA since 2007. He's facilitated Learn to Meditate evening courses at Los Angeles Valley College and teaches ongoing asana flow classes at various gyms in the Hollywood area. A certified 200 Hours Ananda Yoga and Meditation instructor, he was in 2013 ordained an Ananda Minister by Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi Novak.

Paul’s practice and way of teaching hatha yoga is both inwardly joyful and physically exhilarating- the goal is to awaken an uplifted spaciousness in body and mind. He can then guide students to go deeper still into the spiritual power of meditation. Paul respects each student’s needs, assisting them to find freedom in their inner and outer body. With caring support, he uses a flexible, individualized approach to help release tension, increase energy, tap into a childlike sense of exploration, and experience luminous beauty within.
Reconnections ReikiMassage

Christina Ng, owner of Reconnections ReikiMassage is hosting 7min free examples ($1/min after), and small artworks priced as marked

GGIW October Meetup promotion: First 80-min RRM Session and Assessment [either at GGIW or my private home office] for $90, with bonus 1/4oz custom flower essence (a $10 value)

Christina is both a Reiki Teacher and a Certified Massage Therapist. She wishes to assist other people in the South Bay by using what she calls ReikiMassage: a combination of high-sense perception skills, intuitive healing techniques, and gentle bodywork. Years of practice taught her how to both see and talk with Light and Shadow energies. Observing and verbally describing the various flows, shapes, and subtle manifestations of energies during a client's session, whether sourced from more recent events or from the past, are the hallmarks of Christina's work. Consider her as part of your self-care a spiritual janitor and living medicinal scanner, at your service.

FREE Demo Classes

12:30pm Yoga w/ Maureen Davis

1:30pm Kundalini w/ Sukhmani

Kundalini is the potential life force in every human being. Kundalini Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga and encompasses the eight limbs of yoga into a singular practice of excellence. Kundalini Yoga is the practice of awakening the Higher Self and turning potential energy into useful energy.

About Sukhmani (aka Nicole): She has practiced yoga almost 20 years and teaches classes all over Southern California as well as Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and Live Music Mantra workshops all over the US and online. She studies Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at the advanced levels with master teachers Guru Singh, Tej, Nirvair Singh and others. Sukhmani is the co-founder of the award winning mantra rock band, Sukha and often incorporates live music and sound healing in her Sukhmani on a spiritual journey to a healthier and happier you!!! All levels including beginners are welcome and encouraged.

2:30pm Yoga w/ Linda Ananda

In a Beginner's Yoga class, the main emphasis is on Foundation! We will learn several Foundational Poses, as well as how Yoga is all about the connection of breath and movement and I will also share several important Yogic Principles that guide our practice. This class is appropriate for the person just starting out who has a little experience as well as brand new yogis who have never done yoga at all. It will be my honor to share my love and passion for YOGA with YOU!!

About Linda: Linda became an RYT-200 level Certified Yoga Instructor in February 2015 in the Cloud Nine Family, in Long Beach, CA. She has also trained in Yin Yoga Level 1 and 2 with Addie deHilster and Trauma-Informed Yoga with the awesome team at UpRising Yoga. Linda's Yoga style could be called heart-centered, modern tantra; Lots of joy, playfulness and love with a definite energetic emphasis. While the yogic focus is on breath and movement, there is also a pointing, an energetic space created and held, for deeper exploration, which is always encouraged and invited.

3:30pm Reiki w/ Claudia Bumuller

4:30pm Tarot Card Reading w/ Andrea Forester