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Wha-Dho... "The Way of Harmony" Energy Healing Circle

A powerful energy-healing circle that will help you integrate Mind, Body and Spirit with the world around you. Transcend pain access grace.

You deserve to live a happy life that is filled with passion and prosperity in the areas of Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships. Wha-Dho is a practical philosophy that I invented to help you do just that. Join us and take your life and your career to the next level.


11928 Montgomery Road, Symmes OH, US 45249
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  • Workshop


Apr 16 to
Apr 21
2015 - 2016
19:00 pmto20:30 pm

Every third Thursday beginning April 16. 7:00-8:30 pm



Full Description

Is now the time for you to tap into your heart and access its deep connection with Spirit and all the wisdom of the universe itself? Come to this Energy Healing Circle and heal your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. We will tap into the practices of Breath Work, Shamanism, Guided Visualization, Mediation, Past Life Regression and Bodywork on a few people to create a transformative circle of healing. We will leverage the power of Resonance, which allows us to tap into the collective healing energies so we can all take advantage of the energies that come down.

You will be able to able to tap into the wisdom of your body and your spirit to find answers to problems you might be facing now. Past participants have experienced immediate healing and shifts in awareness that have helped them transcend chronic problems they have faced in the areas of physical health, emotional distress, relationship problems and business or career situations. Everything is connected and experienced in your heart. Give yourself the gift of connecting with the spirit within and tap into your divine wisdom. This is Wha-Dho … integrate Mind, Body Spirit with the world around you. Its time!

Fundamental Ideas. We all have choices…

On how you live your life.
On how you interact with people around you.
On the jobs or business organizations you work in.
Living your dream life “Requires” that you …
Be clear about what you want to accomplish.
Know how much money you need to live.
Have a revenue generation strategy that works.
Meditation is an effective way to access your truth …
You have to learn this skill needed to listen deeply.
You have to increase your awareness of self.
This is a learned skill and It all starts with you. Download the Introduction to understand the process.

Introduction to the Wha-Dho

25 years ago, Paul D’Souza started a journey to study Human Awareness to deal with mental and emotional pain in his own life. He then tried to understand two simple questions …
Why is there so much suffering in the world?
How can people be happy more often?
He studied psychology, linguistics, healing modalities, religions and spiritual teachings of the Christian, Native American, Shinto, Hindu (Raja Yoga) and other traditions.
Paul also learned several healing modalities like Shamanism, Breath Work, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, NLP, Past Life Regression, Laying of Hands and others.
He studied Business, Economics, Management and Sales practices, building a career in Sales and Business Consulting.
The integration of all this produces a way of living harmoniously in society today; called Wha-Dho … The Way of Harmony.