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Wheels of Energy ~ The Chakra System

Chakras are centers of subtle energy that lay at the intersections of the nadis – little rivers of energy – that pervade our subtle body. There are many chakras but 7 are the most important.



3030 chemin saint bernard, vallauris FR 06220

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  • Workshop

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Jan 9 to
Jan 10
10:00 amto15:30 pm


160 €

Or for only one day of workshops: 90 euros

Full Description

In these three days of workshops we’ll do vinyasa sequences to stimulate the chakras, give lectures to explain the qualities of each of the 7 chakras - their relationships with the physical body, emotions, thoughts and spiritual disciplines - and finally we’ll meditate on them.

Saturday morning –Mūlādhāra & Svādhishthāna

The flowing practice will emphasize the pelvis, hips and legs to energize and awaken the 2 lowest chakras.

Saturday afternoon - Why study the Chakras? Mūlādhāra & Svādhishthāna

Then we’ll have a lecture to explain what the chakras are, why it can be useful to study them and the details of these chakras and finish with a meditation.

Sunday Morning – Manipura & Anāhata

These are lovely chakras that will inspire us to move into beautiful back bending and counter positions. Again, then we’ll take time to delve into the theory of Manipura and Anāhata before meditating.

Sunday Afternoon – Vishuddha, Ājnā & Sahasrāra

By now we’ll be well on our way to Samadhi ☺ . In the practice we’ll concentrate on these higher chakras with inversions and other quiet internalizing poses that emphasize the shoulders, neck and head. During the lecture the topic we’ll explore what these 3 chakras signify and then do a final group meditation.