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Why Me!?! Why do I suffer? Why do I need love? Why do I lack confidence?

Why Me!?! Private Session will guide you to understand how your internal suffering is triggered by your external needs.

***This event will also be on May 28th - 31, 2018


150 Prospect St., Port Dover ON, CA N0A 1N1

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  • General Event



May 22 to
May 24
09:30 amto18:00 pm

Guru Ashta-deb Invites you to book an Ashta Awareness Private Session

She listens to your concerns and draws on her intuitive wisdom & psychic abilities guiding you on a self-explorative journey



Full Description

Why Me!?! will appeal to those who are ready to break the cycle of suffering.

Guru Ashta-deb’s honesty and wisdom may sometimes be discomforting, but is ultimately freeing.

Why Me!?! is a unique opportunity to learn from Guru Ashta-deb in a safe and personal setting.

It is not uncommon to experience transformational changes and psychic revelations in her presence.

What benefit do you wish to receive from your session?

Guru Ashta-deb will also be available to sign her newly released book:

“Life Happens to Us, A True Story”