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Winter Break with Yoga, Veggie Meals, Sweatlodge and Surf

Come and join us for a unique combination of treating your body, mind, heart and belly with yoga, sweat lodge, surf, as well as walking in stunning nature. This is the best gift you can offer to yourself during the coming Christmas and New Year and it could also be a genuine effort to your New Year's resolution to live a life full of health, peace, happiness and joy. The Christmas and new year program offer an equal measure of nourishment, relaxation, and activity.


Omassim Guesthouse
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Ericeira, Ericeira PT 2640-068

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Dec 13 to
Mar 31
2014 - 2015
05:00 amto05:00 am

You are free to choose your arrival day as well your leaving day - we do prefer receiving you for a welcome dinner on sundays.


495 €

Price includes
* 7 night stay in 5 bed room
* 6 breakfast
* 5 lunch package or light lunch at omassim
* 5 vegetarian dinner as a buffet
* sweatlodge cerimony
* 1 Group Dinner out in town - Party with the locals (dinner not included)
* 5 morning and 4 evening Yoga Classes
* 4 days surfing of approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours each day
(depending on the weather and the condition of the sea) in combination with
excursions to Sintra, Cascais, Peniche! get to know portuguese beautiful nature and interesting culture while surfing and having fun!

Full Description

It is a unique combination of invigorating Vinyasa flow and Restorative Yin yoga classes, as well as rejuvenating and nourishing activities like sweat lodge, surfing, walking,and meditation. You will enjoy delicious healthy food and have access to fantastic waves and breathtaking views in nice company!

Rejuvenating and nourishing activities

Whether you are a total beginner in yoga or already well experienced, you are welcome to join the retreat!

Daily orientation or times may change depending on various factors.

Vinyasa flow is a gentle practice of Hatha yoga, which focuses on the synchronization of the breath (prana) with the postures (asanas). It is a dance of the asanas, always in connection with breathing to calm the mind. Let the breath be your guide to liberate your mind and increase your inner peace, harmony, love, and joy. Practicing yoga will help to harmonize the nervous system, increase the sense of balance of body and mind, and strengthens the lymphatic system.

Yin yoga dances with waves and find both strength and power on the earth. The first class on recreation Yin yoga is the beginning of a quiet yoga class and offers you the possibility for relaxing and escaping from your stressful daily routine. Supported by the ground you will be able to stay longer in different asanas for up to 7 minutes. You can relax deeply your body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and also your mind. Let yourself lead your own breath through a class full of regeneration, recreation, and calm.

The sweat lodge is a hut made of branches bent into a circular shape. This format of tortoiseshell (also considered the womb of Mother Earth) helps generate positive thoughts and conducive to good directing prayers to the Great Spirit Mother Earth to ourselves and to our fellow women and men.

As you enter the sauna you walk left crossing behind the hole clockwise and occupy your seats. The first four stones that are brought into the sweat lodge represent the four sacred directions: east, south, west and north. The hot stones are placed in the fire pit and water is poured onto the hot stones resulting in the purifying steam. During this time there is a sharing among the participants.

The door opens three more times, at the times given by the sweat lodge keeper of the ceremony. The duration of the sweat lodge varies depending on the group. You will exit the sweat lodge reborn and recreated.

If your retreat dates coincide with December 24, there will be a Christmas Sweat Lodge ceremony. Retreat dates falling at the end of the year will also see a sweat lodge or fire ritual ceremony.

Lia Muczenski hails originally from Stuttgart, Germany but has lived in Berlin for many years and more recently in Portugal since the beginning of 2006. She is dedicated to exploring the body, heart, and spirit and has practiced yoga for more than 15 years with different teachers from Germany and England.

Completing her yoga teacher training in 2008 in Portugal, Lia's expertise is in Vinyasa flow yoga, a gentle style of Hatha yoga, a dance of the asanas, which brings awareness to the body and the breath. It is a beautiful addition to her commitment to dance, movement, and performance in the different techniques of body-mind centering, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, new dance, modern dance and authentic movement.

In her yoga classes Lia tries to support the increase of physical flexibility and strength to transform it into inner strength, to gain trust, harmony, inner alignment and joy. She speaks fluent German, English, or Portuguese and can run classes in any of these three languages depending on the participants.

Lia also offers massage, bodywork and Watsu (water shiatsu) and is a movement therapist (inner child and co-dependency) with additional trainings in family counseling (Bert Hellinger) and Somatic experience (trauma healing, Peter A. Levin).

Marion Brogyanyi grew up in Austria but her feelings of joy and excitement for life extends to the rest of the world. She is a yoga teacher of the Yin and Ashtanga styles and also adds spice to her roles of dog mama, surf enthusiast, mental and creative coach, and graphic designer and passionate pesto chef. Creative expression, mental relaxation, and feeling home within your own body is essential to her and yoga is one possible path to undertake this.

Eduardo Cunha has been through a lot in his life and has transformed it in a magical way, being an example of strength, courage, will, and motivation. Along his life path, he has been working with fire in a sacred and shamanic form, helping and serving thousands of people in their process of cure and self-discovery. He is deeply in love with nature and with a total understanding of the universal laws of the universe. The discovery of yoga and meditation transformed his life and is now an intricate part of his daily life.

Nowadays, he works with Ayurvedic massage (AyurYoga, Abhangam), additional Ayurvedic treatments like Shirodhara, and massage applied with Pindas - with rice and herbs, Watsu, crystal bowls massage and nutrition in the forms of vegan, vegetarian, and raw food. His passion is preparing and leading fires for all different kind of ceremonies and events. Eduardo is a registered fire walk instructor () and a sweat lodge keeper. Eduardo speaks Portuguese, French, Spanish, and understands Italian.

Ericeira is a mecca for surfers. This area is considered as one of the best surf spots in Portugal. There is a wide range of beach, point, and reef breaks in the immediate area suited for all levels of surfing.