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Wisdom of the Intuitive Self

Our inner world consists of the thinking mind, emotions, body energies, and inner guidance systems (our intiutive mind). Understanding and managing this complex inner world can be challenging, especially when we are triggered by cues from our environment, and then hijacked by those triggers.


555 South Atlanta St., Roswell GA, US 30075

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  • Workshop

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Jan 27
12:00 pmto15:30 pm



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Learning to cut through surface thoughts and tumultuous feelings to get to our intuitive wisdom, and learning to identify that intuitive wisdom, will give us more access to an innate inner authority for life (more access to our authentic selves).

Access to that inner authority helps us to be the musician (the player); rather than the instrument (the played). Calming the mind turbulence, releasing the demands of family roles, and removing the pressure from cultural expectations help us to “hear” our inner voice, and eventually to follow its instructions, rather than the external demands and expectations placed upon us.

In this interactive class, directed by hypnotherapist and attunement coach Jeff Chaffee, we will experiment with connecting to our inner authority, and practice holding that connection as we interact with each other.

This class will explore:
• How to identify my inner voice (Where is it? How does it speak to me? How does it guide me?).
• How to know if my inner voice is correct in its guidance.
• How to make authentic, clear decisions when life seems confusing
and overwhelming.
• How to consistently make the choices that help me become
more of who I truly am.
• How to consistently make the choices that help me do
more of what I am truly here to do.
• Learn to hold for another human being while
maintaining the connection to my inner authority (learn to witness the trigger, but not be hijacked by it).

Through self-acceptance, awareness, and a lot of laughter, we will begin to release some of the old ways of moving
in the world and interacting with others. We will open to new possibilities for living life authentically that brings joy, deeper understandings of ourselves and others, and creative empowerment to move in more alignment with our true natures.

This is NOT a self help course. This course is based on ancient understandings of the nature of the human body/psyche that have been updated for the modern psyche.

This short 3 and a half hour introduction course is open to all levels.