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Wise Woman Retreat

Yoga Wise Women Healing Retreat

7 Days Retreat in the jungle by the sea. Combing the elements of water, fire, earth and air. A complete holistic retreat to heal the body, mind and soul though ways of the Wise Woman, Yoga, Healing and massage treatments.

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Magellan Inn, Cahuita CR 70403

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  • Retreat

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Jun 29 to
Jul 6
20:30 pmto20:30 pm

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includes lodging at B&B Magellan Inn, a cozy 5 room B&B on the Caribbean coast of Costa RIca, all meals, all yoga and meditation sessions, personalized energy healing sessions, specially prepared organic vegetarian meals

Full Description

3 Women have come together, each with their gifts and knowledge to create a transformational “Wise Women Healing Retreat “

Join us together for this amazing journey in self transformation & healing June 29th – July 6th, 2015.

7 nights/6 days Lodging, meals, healing sessions & classes, Yoga & horse herd meditations

All-Inclusive $2200

We offer you a week of healing and rejuvenation in t he tranquil and laid back town of Cahuita, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Our retreat features daily yoga sessions, meditation on the beach, sunrise and sunset dynamic meditation sessions, energy healing with two masters in their field, and healthy organic vegetarian meals.

We will be a small group of 6- 10 women, which will offer more unique and one on one attention for each guest.

With the “Wise Women Retreat” we have united different professional and certified healers in Jin Shin Jyutsu & Metaphysical Energy Healing, a Yoga instructor, a massage therapist and a nutritionist in healing foods.

As women we are natural caretakers. For our families, our animals, our friends and our communities as well as in our professional lives. There comes a time when we are worn out and we find ourself struggling to stay afloat and continue. Maybe you do not realize it yet, but your body & soul do.

This is when we need to replenish ourselves. Reconnecting our souls with our bodies is a must. Doing this before fatigue, worry and stress reach a deeper level and becomes a dreaded disease.

Yoga, meditation, metaphysical and Jin Shin Jyutsu energy healing, along with horses, nature and the sea connects us to our forgotten wild side. Imagine all these tools, combined with yummy healthy fresh organic meals, juices, herbal teas & essential oils, coming together in a unique way to rebalance our bodies, minds and souls!

Meet 3 Women who have made it their Path to help and guide others along their way. Hear what they have to offer.

Maria Teresa Mesquita

A Jin Shin Jyutsu professional practitioner, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist (SCIO), Usui Reiki Master, certified practitioner of Shamanic (holotropic) Breathwork and
Resonace Repatterning, Level 3 of Flower Bach among others … a lifetime student!

Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa

“Everyone has a different path and ways to find our own “soul-song” and sing it. Some do this at an early stage, others at a late one and some get lost and never find it. Mine, helping others to see themselves who they really are and so they can fulfill their own lives, or as a few define me “pointing the way”, and “decoding energies” bringing what is hidden to the surface, was very notorious in my first 16 years. Due to a strict and convencional environment and education it was slowly but steady shuttled down. My rational mind took over my natural intuition and my soul singing silenced. How you can imagine, being a programmer and analyst computers and later a quite successful business woman back in Portugal had mundane rewards but my heart and soul was “almost dead”. My health imploded in a very deep and chaotic way. This was the catalyzer for changing my life, the search to heal myself began around 1997. I was 40 years old by then.

The more time you take to be who you are meant to be, the more obstacles your mind builds on your way. It took me years of inner and outer travel, searching in the 4 corners of this amazing earth, meeting all kinds of traditional healing and healers, studying and living in different countries, trying to listen and follow my inner beliefs, from yoga to shamanism, quantic medicine and breath-work, transpersonal sessions and meditations, psychotherapy and oil and flowers essences, sound and ultrasound techniques to finally find myself cured physically and spiritually.

I found Jin Shin Jyutsu a very powerful healing art. Just holding your own fingers balances the 5 emotions: worry, fear, anger, sadness and pretending. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the core of my practice. Self-help teaching is a must in my practice as I believe we are the owners of our life and realization.

Corinne Aulakh a natural born Yoga teacher & Yoga therapist

Yoga with Corinne
Yoga with Corinne
Corinne Aulakh is certified in the Ashtanga and Hatha yoga styles, as well as experience with the Shivananda yoga and the 26 sequences of postures used in Bikram’s yoga, in addition to therapeutic yoga for healing. Through Yoga, Corinne has managed to overcome rheumatoid arthritis and the challenges that it brought.

As Corinne says “The arthritis is just a part of my yoga journey that has taught me many valuable lessons about perseverance, balance, stillness, calm determination, acceptance and most of all faith.”

Having practiced Yoga for over 25 years she is passionate about sharing her knowledge & exceptional wealth of experience with others. Corinne’s teaching style and methods cover a wide array of different practices. She incorporates alignment, pranayama, bandhas, mudras and meditation exercises in her sequences and discusses chakras, vayus and koshas.

She meets her students where they are emotionally, physically & spiritually. Corrinne’s positive and cheerful attitude towards life is expressed through her yoga practice.

Her first Yoga Teacher Training Certification was obtained from “Let it Go Yoga” in Santa Barbara with prominent teachers Sue Anne and Jim Parsons. Corinne went on to train at Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre in Chennai, India in Yoga Therapy and Instruction, has completed 500 hours of training with Yogi Chetan Mahesh of Association of Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India. As of 2015 she is an E-200 RYT with Yoga Alliance, and holds a registration of 500-RYT.

Corinne is also an accomplished rider in equitation and the practice and teaching of Yoga with Horses.

Terry Lillian Newton

A certified Metaphysical Energy Healer as well as a horse rider & trainer in Natural Horsemanship. Terry believes in communication and connection with horses, not forceful training methods.

Terry was born with a passion and love for horses. Through her path with horses, their way of being and their illnesses, it brought her to a better understanding of life and the art of healing. “Geisha, a beautiful mare came into my life and changed it forever, through her illness of 2 years she taught me so much. She made me investigate, study and learn ways I would never have thought of before. I owe her much.”

With compassion and respect for all living life and Beings, Terry blends her knowledge as a certified Healer in Metaphysical Energy with medicinal plants & essential oils and therapy with horses. Growing up in Canada with horses, sailing the seas as an adult she now lives in Costa Rica since 1995 with her daughters, horses, animals & plants. She has a love for life, with a deep Faith in the power each one of us holds to create love & light for ourselves & the Earth.


With Corinne, you will be guided to improve your mobility, flexibility and to cope with any chronic pain that you might have, with gentle and effective techniques through breathing and asanas (yoga positions).

Yoga Practice in the Sanctuary
Yoga Practice in the Sanctuary
Morning and evening practices of Yoga with breathing exercises, asanas & guided meditations as well sunrise salutations on the beach will fill your body with more vitality and the Evening Sunset Scarf Dance will help free your body, allowing it to move to its own rhythm.


Corinne will help enhance your meditation through breathing and sounds.

Terry, will set you on a journey of guided meditations to connect with your soul and your inner child, so that you can help your body and mind to heal. These are Metaphysical guided meditations where Terry can teach you the tools necessary to help yourself.

Both Corinne & Terry will incorporate guided meditations and Sharing Territory with the herd of horses.


So … what is Jin Shin Jyutsu? Literally defined it is the Creator’s Art through Compassionate Man. An ancient oriental Art of harmonizing life energy within the body. Said to predate Buddha and Moses, it was rediscovered in the early 1900’s by Master Jiro Murai, who, after recovery from a “terminal” illness, devoted himself to the revival of the Art for future generations. He believed that the capacity to use this Art is born in all of us, like our hands, the tools with which it is applied. It works with a set of 26 points (called Safety Energy Locks or SELs) along energy pathways. When a pathway becomes blocked, energy stagnates. This initially affects the local area of stagnation, but has the potential to create imbalance along the entire pathway. The 26 Energy Locks are the locations on the body where energy tends to become stuck. Using both hands (referred to as “jumper cables”) to hold a combination of SELs, releases the stagnant energy and restores the natural flow. The very simplicity and gentleness of the process allow clients to relax and receive the work. As the SELs release and balance is restored, the client experiences physical, mental, and spiritual harmony!


Metaphysical Energy Healing is a holistic path to develop and empower yourself and to heal your body, mind & soul. Different non-invasive therapies are used in this energy healing, such as working with the aura field, meridians and Chakras to bring them into balance and harmony. Guided meditations to reconnect with your soul and find your way back to yourself.

If you are just starting on your path to healing and self transformation or already have begun, you will discover with the “Wise Women Retreat” ways to release old tensions, stress, anxiety & fears and open doors, that you may better see who you truly are and live the life you were meant to live!

Day 1

Arrival at the Magellan Inn in Cahuita, a little laid back village nestled on the coast of the Caribbean sea of Costa Rica.


Enjoy the beaches or take a refreshing dip in the pool. Relax and let the jungle and sea transport you.

Magellan Inn pool set in ancient coral reef
Magellan Inn pool set in ancient coral reef
6pm Opening Ceremony in the Yoga Sanctuary to welcome one another and meditate.

Terry will start with a guided meditation to relax your body and quieten your mind, followed by the Singing Bowl & Mantra with Maria Teresa. A very special “singing bowl” that came from a Buddhist monk she met during one of her travels. Maria Teresa tells the story “This bowl was handmade by a tibetan buddhist monk who used it his own practice fro several years. When he came to the occident to give several teachings and Initiations in the Buddhist tradition in Mexico, including the Medicine Buddha, Bhaiṣajyaguru, I was completely attracted to the sound of it. They had a few bowls for sale, but none of those called my attention. I asked him to sell me this one but his answer was no. After the two weeks we spent with them, this monk then came and offered to sell this bowl as he felt in his meditations it was for me to heal my heart and doing so healing others. ”

With this unique sound we will chant a Mantra with the scent of Myrrh and Frankincense oils drifting in the air around us.
Their high vibration spiritual qualities, among others, are very well known since the dawn of our Era.
Enhances meditation, cleansing our mind allowing our connection to the Spirit.
It helps with our Earth Starr (myrrh), root (both), Higher Heart (myrrh), Brow (frankincense), Crown (both)

After this we will each set our intentions for the week, with a ceremony given by Corinne.

Evening dinner at 7pm served on the open air terrace over-looking the tropical gardens.

All meals served are fresh organic vegetable & produce. Combined with herbs & spices to create delicate and vibrant flavours for your palette and to cleanse & heal your body.

Healthy Organic gourmet meals
Healthy Organic gourmet meals
Day 2

7am morning Yoga class with Corinne

8 – 9am breakfast

9 am – 12 Group Self Healing Session on Jin Shin Jysutsu with Maria Teresa

* History of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Master Jiro Murai and Mary Burmeister
* Fundamental concepts of JSJ
* 5 Actitudes and how to balance with our hands
* Meditation and energy alignment with MAIN CENTRAL VERTICAL FLOW

and a Mudra Workshop with Corinne Aulakh

This workshop is based on the teachings of Shri Shri 1008 Acharya, Shri Keshav Dev Ji Maharaj and his book, Mudra Vigyan, a Way of LIfe.

Definition and history of Mudras
A mudra is a hand and finger gesture that acts as a lock or seal of the electrical or pranic energies that course through the body. Mudras are usually performed in an asana or meditative posture.
Mudras have been practiced by all peoples in all continents for thousands of years. Some early depictions of people performing mudras date back as early as the 2nd century.
Mudra Vigyam, which means the science of finger postures, is based on the premise that the five elements of life are found in our hands.

The thumb represents Fire
The pointer finger represents Air
The middle finder represents Ether or Sky
The ring finger represents Earth
The little finger represents Water
In Yogic tradition and in Ayurveda the body is made of these 5 elements. By positioning your hand and fingers in specific gestures you are able to diminish, balance or increase those elements within your body. Yoga and Ayurveda believe that illness are caused by an in-balance of these elements.

Thus to stabilize an element connect the tip of the thumb (fire) to the tip of a finger and that element will become stabilized over time.
To increase an element connect the thumb to the base of the finger
To decrease the presence of an element bend the finger to the base of the thumb and let the thumb hold the finger in place.
12-3 pm lunch with time for journal writing, pool & siesta!

3-5pm Sharing Territory & Mediation with Horses


With Terry & Corinne you will join our herd of horses at Liberty in an open pasture. In a meditation state we will enter a communion with our horses, giving them free choice to approach us and discover us. This permits a free flow of energy and brings us a deep sense of peace. We stay “in the moment” as horses do and allow what is supposed to happen, happen naturally. To Be in the moment of NOW.

5:30 – 6:30 Yoga restorative class with Corinne in the Yoga Sanctuary surround by the jungle and the evening sounds of frogs, parrots and monkeys.

7pm. Dinner where we share our experiences and chat with one another, as women have always done since the beginning of times.

Day 3

7- 8am Yoga sunrise on beach!

Yoga on the beach in the Caribbean of Costa Rica

and finish with a sea sand scrub!

Yoga sea sand scrub!

8-9am breakfast

10:30 – 12:30

1st group: Individual sessions for “Jin Shin Jyutsu Healing” with Maria Teresa & “Energy Healing” with Terry. Each session will unblock energies to promote healing. Releasing old traumas wether physical, mental or spiritual. This will also help with physical pains of the body.

2nd Group: Free time to enjoy one of the many tours and adventures in our areas. We will guide you and help you to choose something that you will enjoy.

Happy Sloth
Happy Sloth
12- 3 pm lunch & siesta /pool


“Chakra Workshop” with Corinne

What are chakras in the yoga tradition?

Chakras may be pictured as energy wheels that are the hubs of the energy channels that run within our bodies. There are many chakras within the body but in Yoga we emphasize 7 main chakras. Each chakra has its own identifying sound, characteristics, relationship to the physical and etheral body, and relationship to yoga practices of asanas , pranayama, and meditation.

In our session we will discuss the 7 main chakras and how you can use your knowledge of them to enhance your yoga practice.

6- 7pm evening Yoga Restorative Evening class


7 pm Dinner

Day 4

7- 8 am Yoga Morning class


8- 9 breakfast

9 -12 2nd group: Individual sessions for “Jin Shin Jyutsu Healing” with Maria Teresa & “Energy Healing” with Terry. Each session will unblock energies to promote healing. Releasing old traumas wether physical, mental or spiritual. This will also help with physical pains of the body.

1st Group: Free time to enjoy one of the many tours and adventures in our areas. We will guide you and help you to choose something that you will enjoy.

12-3pm lunch then relaxation

3 – 6pm Medicinal Plant Walk & Tour Fernando a local medicinal plant and herbologist will take you on a guided walk and introduce you to tropical rainforest plants with healing powers. Passionate in his work you will learn much from this local man from Cahuita and the history of this area. After enjoy herbal teas to heal the body of pain, sun burn, itchy bites and more. Finish with a sauna in a magical cave in the jungle under the bows of giant trees.

7pm dinner

Day 5

7- 8 am Yoga with Corinne in Yoga Sanctuary

8- 9 am breakfast

9:30 am Snorkeling on the amazing coral reef of the National Park of Cahuita and a guided hike through its jungle paths beneath the coconut trees. Head out on a boat to the coral reefs of the National Park of Cahuita. Dive into these Caribbean waters and snorkel over the reefs. Many different types of live coral, tropical fish of all colours, sea urchins, barracudas and more!

Coral reef Cahuita, CR

12- 3pm lunch & siesta

4-5 pm Water Yoga in the swimming pool!

Pool Yoga
Pool Yoga
7pm dinner

Day 6

7- 8 Morning Yoga Class in the Yoga Sanctuary

8 -9 breakfast

9 -12 Swimming on the beach with the horses! Pure fun, joy and laughter as we ride bareback on our horses through the waves. No need for experience as the only way to fall is into the water! Slip and slide, laugh and giggle, live the moment as children, free of worries & responsibilities.

Swimming with the horses!
Swimming with the horses!
12- 3 lunch & siesta

3-5pm Time to relax in your hammock and write in your journal your thoughts and feelings of your new experiences. Write down any questions you might have for Corinne, Maria Teresa or Terry to discuss later.

6-7 pm Sunset Scarf Dance on beach. Meditating on the waves and the sounds of the ocean, as the sun settles and the skies illuminate with colours, we will allow our bodies to move to the rhythm of the waves and the music of the tropical jungle. The scarves float in the air with the sea breeze enwrapping us in a gentle embrace. Letting our movements express joy, we give thanks for the bodies we have been given and the freedom of letting our souls live.

Sunset Scarf Dance by the Sea
Sunset Scarf Dance by the Sea
7pm dinner

Day 7

7- 8 Yoga morning class.

8- 9 breakfast

9-12 Practice of JSJ self-help
* “The Artless Art of Getting to Know (Help) Myself”
* 8 Mudras and their benefits
* 36 breaths holding 26 safety lock

3-4 pm

How to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu to our animal companions with Maria Teresa & Terry

Energy Healing
Energy Healing
“I find that animals are more in tune and more sensitive to touch than many humans. Working with the animals refines your touch and heightens your sensitivity.

Intuitive, inter-species communication is a natural outcome when you understand the idea that you are not Doing anything, but rather ‘BE-ing with this BE-ing in this gentle and loving Art.’
maybe this enough for description, otherwise we can add the bottom lines ….

* Promoting harmony and well-being in both you and your animal companion
* Aiding in healing
* Increasing communication and deepen bond between you and your animal companion

5-6 pm Closing Ceremony performed by Corinne presenting each person with a candle and flowers we will share our experiences and gratitude to one another. Finishing with tambourines, drums and music.

Closing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony
7pm Farewell dinner at “Sobre Las Olas” well known Cahuita restaurant over looking the sea under the coconut trees.

Day 8

7-8 Yoga Sunrise on Beach

8-9 breakfast


* Extras offered, not included in rate: During Free time ask for massages, SCIO machine BioFeedback, Essential Oil Therapy , readjustment with Yoga, more Jin Shin Jyutsu private sessions, horse treks and other tours of the area.

7 nights/6 days Lodging, meals, healing sessions & classes, Yoga & horse herd meditations

All-Inclusive $2200

*for private single room $280 supplement per person

*not included: air flight, transportation( we can help reserve and organize transportation for you from San Jose airport to here, please ask) beverages, alcoholic beverages, massages, extra private healing sessions and extra tours.

for more information please contact us at Terry at