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WOMAN OF WISDOM. 10 days retreat for Women. Koh Yao Noi

10 days of deep transformation of Woman's energy, believes, patterns and life. Through yoga, breathwork, meditations we will unleash the Shakti energy, find ways how to heal body, mind and spirit.

"A Wise Woman can predict her future because She creates it"


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4/10 Moo 4, Koh Yao Noi NY, TH 82160

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  • Retreat

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Aug 12 to
Aug 21
14:00 pmto18:00 pm

10 days of deep feminine practice in the jungles of exotic island Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.
Bodywork: Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Spontaneous dancw, Qi Gong, pranayama.
Mindwork: Meditation, emotional release,mindfullness, breat work, sacred feminine rituals.
Healthwork: Dao feminine practice, moon cycle restoring, Woman's biological clocks.


1,400 €

1400 USD includes: the program, meals, accommodation.

The price does not include: visa, flights.

Full Description

Today Woman has separated herself from her true nature. By definition She possesses intuition and wisdom on a high conscious level.
What makes her different from a Man is her womb. Woman's womb is the energy center, Her main resource, Her 2nd brain, Her 2nd heart or whatever you call it. It is from this center She creates her image, her speech, her manners, her relations, her family and home.
We truly believe that the World is going violent today because Woman has given up on her roles. She is like water: soft, fluid, but can destroy. Can be cold or hot. Can freeze and be still, or can be alive and flowy. It is all her choice. And today Woman makes unhealthy choices. She transformed into a human who is over emotional, unhealthy, self pitiful and at the same time hard working, lonely, hiding behind dresses and make up, hoping it will help to be happy. So But Woman is able to get whatever she wants from this life, from her IF(!) she is wise and conscious. Woman needs to reach her self-discipline on a high spiritual level. This doesn't mean she needs to be religious, restrain herself from life and sit at home and cook for family. And it doesn’t mean she needs to be weak or strong. Woman is a perfect balance of Yin and Yang energies. All she needs is to change the mindset of her intentions, accept her duality and learn how to work with it.
Woman need knowledge of how to save and recharge Her energy. Look at Mother Earth! Despite people keep polluting, Earth is renewing and healing herself constantly! The answer is everywhere in the nature. All we, Women need is to follow this nature. This retreat is for every and any Woman who is ready for a change. And we really mean it. You will have to face all your shame and darkness that you were hiding for so long. Face it, let go and be free. Through every day yoga, meditation and special energy practices we will clean the space. Emotional release, bliss dance, art therapy, breathing exercises, various somatic and intelligence work. If you are ready to go through strong transformation, join us. No drama, no only beautiful and intense self work.

We are not framed by the daily schedule plan, every day we will go with the flow. But program will include:
* Asana practice. Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa - all styles can be mixed in 1 class.
* Breathwork. We will learn how to breath correctly, breath with each organ. How to save and gain energy through breath.
* Bliss Dance of Shakti
* Art therapy
* Learning how to work with Elements
* Deep physical and emotional work with the source of feminine energy Uterus.
* Purification of woman's old sexual relations
* Work with belief system of a Woman and how it effects the whole life.
* Balancing Masculine and Feminine energy
* Understanding of why Woman is not able to get what she want from her Partner
* Knowledge of revealing and using intuition
* Learning how to make decisions using Woman's body
* Preparation of her body and spirit for inviting a new Soul - child. Even if she doesn't plan it - it is the part of Her health.
* Woman VS Man. Or how we Women compete with men
and a lot more!!!