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Womens Kundalini Yoga Retreat: ´´Sacred Feminine Rising´´


“No creature on this planet has the beauty, the strength, and the power that you have as a woman." - Yogi Bhajan



Nr. turre, Almeria Andulacia, ES 04639

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  • Retreat

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Jun 11 to
Jun 18
12:00 pmto12:00 pm



1,050 €

From €1050. Private suites also available on first come first serve basis.
Please get in touch for full accommodation info and pricing.


Full Description

Reverence & Respect for the Sacred Feminine, her beauty, radiance, wisdom & wonder, has been lost.

Women have been degraded, objectified and had their grace snatched away. Worse than anything, we have been deluded to the point where we as women unwittingly perpetuate our own oppression – we have bought the lies.

Wonderful women have fought for our equality. But unfortunately, we have often become emasculated to earn this ´´equality´´. To be equal to man does not have to mean to be like them. The very way of the feminine, our love, compassion, softness – the very essence of our power, has been painted as weak within our culture.

This is not the fault of any parent, teacher or persons. This is a century, millennia old, cultural and societal mass failing. Many of us are left feeling overwhelmed by the roles we now have to fill, and inadequate. We are lost. We do not know our purpose or value so we seek it elsewhere, in work, men, food, shopping and all other manner of distractions.

But…We cannot spend any longer looking in the wrong places, nor can we wait forever for the world to realise our worth, to come back around to the ancient way of the woman. The time is now. We can lead the way. The time has come for us to educate ourselves and in turn educate the men around us. How can we expect our worth to be known if we do not know it ourselves?

The fact that you are here reading this means that you are one of the Warrior Women who knows this to be truth, but may not know where to go with it or what to do next. Who fears that she does not have what it takes, or does not know how. But you do, and this retreat is about the ´´how´´:

At this special Kundalini Yoga Women’s Retreat we will come together and explore our Sacred Feminine essence; Our Beauty, Our Radiance, Our Grace & Our Power. We will explore this both as individuals and as a community; to often in our Western society womanhood has become about competition. We have developed a ´´compare & despair´´ attitude around each other. We have lost touch with our innate feminine power and spirit of sacred sisterhood. Many of us hold feelings of hurt, fear & inadequacy. Come & spend a short time touching on that which needs shifting or healing within you, that which bonds us as women, and experience the undeniable power of our unison. We will explore topics during our time together such as:

. Martyrdom & People Pleasing - What are its roots & how to be free of it?

. Getting free From the Need for validation

. Real Beauty – Rising Beyond Cultural Delusion

. Anxiety & Stress – How to Prevent & relieve it

. Redefining You – Breaking Free from the Shackles of the Past

. The Female Body & Feminine Sexuality

. Empowered Compassion - The Way of The Woman

. Conscious Living – How do we eat, dress, act, think, feel, begin & end our day etc. Who are we? Who do we wish to be? Who are we becoming? Who are we consciously (or unconsciously) creating? Manifesting Your Own Magnificence.

During our week we will be exploring many of the special Kriyas, Pranayam Techniques, Mantras and Meditations that Yogi Bhajan assigned especially for women. All food will be organic, vegan and delicious. The days will include:

. Sharing a beautiful morning practice (Sadhana) each day

. Fresh Breakfast & Yogi Teas

. Morning Kundalini Yoga Session & Topic

. Delicious Vegan Lunch

. Free Afternoons to Swim, Read, Walk, Socialise, Sleep, Relax, Contemplate…Be

. Beautiful Dinner

. Evening Session in the Moon Lodge (It was said that if you wanted to destroy a town you should destroy the women’s meeting point – The Moon Lodge – And they did …… So we are bringing it back!) We will spend time looking at the history of the Sacred Feminine, Exploring her Rituals, Sharing & Discussing.

The week will also include afternoons hiking & horse riding, a day in silent introspection, Kundalini TranscenDANCE, One complimentary Aromatherapy Massage & Reiki/Chakra Healing Session (TBC).

This transformative retreat will be held at a magical & magnificent sprawling Finca Property in the Spanish countryside of Almeria giving us the opportunity to disconnect from the shackles & many falsities of daily life and reconnect to nature, to ourselves, to the feminine & to truth so that we can leave renewed refreshed, & reborn.

This stunning property offers a range of accommodation & prices both shared and private (limited), so please get in touch as soon as possible so I can help get you set up with accommodation that will best suit you and your needs during the retreat.

This kind of retreat can be an enthralling prospect, but also a daunting one especially to those of us that are new to Yoga or to Retreat Environments, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or reservations you would like to discuss with me.


Sat Nam Sisters,
Indra Prem Kaur (Aimee Rai) x