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Women's Medicinal Health Retreat

The most unique Women's Health Retreat.

Fully inclusive consultations + treatments + workshops

This is your chance to join the most passionate team exclusively dedicated to your health and vitality.


Oct 27 to
Nov 3
16:00 pmto10:00 am


2,350 €

Fully Inclusive Women's Health Retreat

Are you ready for a transformation?

Benefit from dedicated consultations with expert doctors & therapists, integrative health treatments (Chinese medicine, naturopathy, reiki, massage ++) yoga, qi gong, dance, sound healing, nutritious

Plus the sanctuary of the luxurious Masseria Potenti

Full Description

Women today are facing challenges like those never seen before. From increasing work and family demands to fast paced lifestyles, we are putting everything before ourselves and our health.

This is your time to nourish on every level:

Learn about nutrition; your own specific gynaecological issues and how you can address these holistically; restoring energy; yoga, meditation tai qi, qi gong, meditation & deep relaxation practices to nourish you during the retreat and learn a self-practise to take home. Take this time now, JUST ONE WEEK for yourself, to realise a place of strength and vitality to reach your magnificent potential sustainably. Come join us for this ultimate tune-up of mind, body and soul supported by a dedicated team and the beauty of nature.

The holistic medicine retreat in the luxurious Masseria Potenti (Puglia, Italy) includes:
initial consultation with integrative holistic doctors
daily follow up consultation
1 daily personal treatment (massage/therapy)*
2-3 daily classes: yin, yang, restorative, nada yoga, pranayama, tai qi, qi gong, meditation & more
2 daily lectures + workshops by experts
evening events (talks,sound healing, dance + more)
3 nourishing meals per day & free-flow Tea, Water
7 nights luxury shared/private suites
welcome gift bag
* see website for deep variety of treatments

Sneak preview of daily schedule example:
IV Day

6:00am  Rise
6:30am  Pranayama, Yoga Asana, Meditation
8:30-9:30am Festa della Frutta
9:30-10:30am  Workshop # 6 (Dr. Niccolo: “The challenges of women & health in modern life”)
10:30-1:00pm  Treatment & Pause
1-2:00pm  Lunch
2-3:00pm  Break, optional excursions to beach & town
3-4:00pm  Workshop # 7 (Pia: “Fundamentals of Chinese medicine")
4:15pm  Tai Chi/Qigong, Pranayama
6:00pm  Dinner
7:30pm  Evening events (Sound healing, Yoga Nidra, etc.)
9:00pm  Riposo - Rest