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Workshop with Chuck Miller

Chuck Miller will be back for 5 days of teaching at AYP. We are honored to have one of the most senior Ashtanga teachers back to Paris. It is such a blessing to study with Chuck Miller! He will share his more than 40 years of yoga. The workshops are open to all levels of practitioners.



40 avenue de la République, Paris FR 75011
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  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Jun 3 to
Jun 7
09:30 amto16:30 pm

9h30 - 12h : Morning Practice (Mysore or guided class)
13h30 - 16h30 : Clinics to go get into details


500 €

Full Description

9h30 – 12h00 : Guided Primary or Mysore
The mornings will be dedicated to practice with the first 3 mornings being guided and the last 2 mornings Mysore
style (however, we highly recommend you only take the Mysore if you also take the guided classes or if you are
already familiar with Chuck’s teaching).
13h30 – 16h30 : Clinics to get into the details
Afternoon clinics will focus on any or all of
the following:
• Translation, explanation and practice of ‘Sama-VrttiUjjaiPranaAyama’.
• Deepening our understanding of Samasthiti, the Neutral Pose, Natural Mind, and Healthy Action.
• The Pelvis: Where do we want it go? How to find Neutral and how to use that awareness to maintain a Healthy Spine!
• The Shoulder Girdle: How to protect it and use it properly for a lifetime of fun
• What does this mean “This is not Physical Practice, it is Mental Training, Mental Cleaning?”
• What does it mean “Do your Practice and All-Is-Coming?”
• Discussion: What are a forward bend, a back bend, a twist and how this information can help us protect the body in all postures?
• The Importance of Finishing Postures and Shavasana!