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Y.A. 300hr Himalayan Yoga Immersion (Hatha, Kriya, Nada, Shaktipath)

This course is open to yoga teachers of any style and discipline with open minds and a desire to go deeper into the experience of Yogam. Physical practice in the Hatha Flow style and course includes indepth applied anatomy, adjustments and teaching skills upgrade. This is also an immersion into Kriya Yoga, Nada & lesser known Himalayan Techniques.


Kevala Foundation
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201, Bindiga Village, Malenahalli, Chikmagalur, Chikmagalur Karnataka, IN 570101

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  • Teacher Training

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Jun 19 to
Jul 17
06:00 amto19:00 pm

29 Day Intensive Immersion into Kriya Yoga Techniques, Shaktipath, Nada Yoga & Other Himalayan Techniques while increasing your skills and knowledge as a teacher and healer thru Hatha Yoga. In house Program at Kevala Celebration Center, Chikmagalur India. Daily Schedule 6:00am to 19:00pm. Payment inclusive of food, lodging, transport,and tours.



To register a 10% nonrefundable down-payment of USD 300 is required
The rest of the fees are due on the first day of the course
(Please make sure to pay in US dollars)

Full Description

This course is a collaborative effort between Yogafirst Yoga Teacher Training Programs and Kevala Foundation. For more information on Yogafirst log onto

This course is open to open minded Yoga teachers of all styles and disciplines that are seeking something deeper in their understanding and practice. Threefold aspects of this course will be

1) Skillset to make you a more effective yoga teacher, workshop provider and motivator thru adult learning and facilitation techniques, class design tools and most of all Insporation thru connecting with deeper Himalayan Yogic Tradition.

2) Applied study of theories often overlooked or not really discussed in basic courses such as the energy body, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sacred Chants, Sound Healing, and also indepth study of both modern human anatomy and how to help people with different issues that come to you for help.

3) Personal growth, inner awakenning and the opportunity and constructive environment to break out of those mental patterns and karmic resistances that no longer serve you well. This alone is enough to bring incredibly positive changes in all aspects of your life. Are you ready?

Each day starts at 6am with Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga Sessions followed by breakfast and lectures, discussions and experiential sessions throughout midday. Afternoon practice starts at 5pm to 7pm. Aside from this regular routine there will be a once a week excursion to nearby sacred caves, waterfalls, temples and the local town for cultural events.

Below is a basic outline of the course plan week by week:

Week 1: "Beginner's Mind"
When people first become a yoga teacher it has been observed that for the most part they feel like “they’ve made it” and launch themselves into yoga careers in an effort to “establish” and reassure that they now know the big secret that is yoga – they have made it, they are part of the “yoga crew”. As time goes by they realize they don’t know enough and humbly seek out more. Only a lucky few find it and grow. A swami in India once told me that the mind is the problem and the heart is the solution. In this module we will be smashing egos and opening hearts.
Philosophical focus: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali chapter 1, Hatha Yoga Pradipica Chapter 1 and 2.
Teaching Focus: Yogafirst Physical Adjustments/Corrections & Assists for all kinds of poses
Introduction to Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana and Kriya Yoga Practices, mantras, chanting and meditation

Week 2: "Beyond Asana"
Although to most (but not all) teachers of modern yoga, asana is the obvious starting point in their teaching and practice, as time goes by appreciation grows for the deeper levels of practice. Even asana itself takes on a new light with time and experience. In this module we will deepen our understanding of asana and Sadhana to learn the difference between Yoga and Yogam.
Anatomy Focus: Intensive Study of Applied Human Anatomy with discussions on how to handle various physical musculoskeletal issues thru yoga therapy.
Philosophical Focus: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Chapter 2
Intensive Practice of Kriya Yoga and study of techniques
Mantras, Chanting, Meditation

Week 3: Deep Dive into the Subtle Bodies
There is more to us than just the physical shell that so many are overly obsessed with. There is more to the subtle body than just the 7 chakras more commonly referred to in Western yoga understanding. We are 7 dimensional beings and space and time are illusions of our limited thinking minds. Knowing these techniques will help you help others in more profound ways.
Philosophical Focus: Yoga Sturas of Patanjali Chapter 3, Hatha Yoga Pradipica chapter 3 and 4
Theory and Experiential Sessions: Intensive look at the energy body: Nadis, Meridien Lines, Chakras
Nada Yoga: The science of sound Yoga, chanting, mantras, meditation

Week 4: "Breaking thru your Samskaras"
We all start our inspired. As time goes by we find ourselves in a roller coaster ride, sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom. Or maybe even on days wake up to teaching the same old sequence, repeated 7 times a day and in the same way. As human beings we all have repetitive, subconscious patterns that prevent us from further evolution and from experiencing the Samadhi that is already within.

Philosophical Focus: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Chapter 4
Experience of: Shaktipat Transmission and individual energy healing
Teaching Methodology: Facilitation of Group Dynamics and Adult Learning as tools for Yoga Teachers, and teaching assessments with feedback.

(Note that we believe in going with the flow and will manage the schedule intuitively based on the energy and experience of each individual that enrolls for the course).

Also note that self practice is an important aspect of this course and mandatory time for self practice is included.