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Yin Fascial Yoga - Subtle Body module

The 300 Hour Yin Fascial Yoga program is a complete study in the understanding of the three main elements that compose the Yin fascial yoga system. The Subtle body module (100 hours) is an exploration of the bodies energetic field on a deeper level. Unlock the doorway to the spirit!


Penedo do Lexim, Igreja Nova, Mafra Lisbon, PT 2640-362
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  • Teacher Training

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Nov 10 to
Nov 20
16:00 pmto12:00 pm


1,500 €

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What is the Subtle Body?

The Subtle Body is the energetic basis to life which permeates all living things. It is life’s energetic spark which can be referred to as spirit. More often experienced as emotions, thoughts and sometimes seen and felt as the Auric field. It’s vibration is higer than that of the physical body, creating an energetic sheath which encapsulates the physical body, protecting it from pathogenic invasion. Qi and prana are two terms used in Daoism and Hinduism to refer to the energy that makes up the subtle body. The chakras are the energy centers that run close to the spine feeding the nadis and meridians (energy pathways).

What is this module about?

Connecting to a more refined subtler experience of our human make up
A profound journey into the chakras and meridian pathways
Direct experience of the subtle body through the medium of the Qi (energy) Gong (practice)
learning and practicing how to structure class sequences based on the understanding of the functions of the subtle body
Encountering the qualities of the subtle body fluctuations in relation to symptoms of the Fascial System
Understanding the psycho/emotional connection to the physical body
learning the relationships of the organs and meridians and their application to Yin Fascial Yoga
Understanding the Daoist energy body
Becoming familiar and more perceptive to the quality of the subtle energies
Learning how to work with energy pathologies caused by traumatic events

What is in this module?

Study of the Subtle body anatomy from Yogic and Daoist perspective
Mindfulness Meditations (Vipasana)
How to apply the Myofascial Release balls to open the fascia to release energetic stagnation
Lessons on Chakra and Meridians to integrate into Yin Fascial Yoga classes
Five elements Qigong in relation to the Dantiens and meridians
Byodynamic breathwork session
Daoist guided visualisations and meditation
Personal evaluation of each students teaching abilities in the final assessment

What are you getting from this module?

Ability to integrate chakra and meridians into your Yin Yoga classes
Confidence to structure personalised and safe Yin Fascial Yoga
Confidence in how to manipulate connective tissue and fascial matrix
Clear understanding of the Subtle body anatomy
Embodied integration of Daoism, TCM, 5 element relationships and the meridian system
More self -confidence and skills for your teachings
Teaching from a space of personal expression and inner voice
An essencial foundation for the Subtle Body and Mindfulness modules
A life changing personal development