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Yin Spring detox workshop

Yin Yoga Spring Detox


Unit 8. 64/66 Kent St, Cannington Western Australia, AU 6107

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  • Workshop


Oct 12
07:00 amto10:00 am

Yin for spring detox
November 9th 2pm until 5pm



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Yin Yoga for a Spring Detox : ! Strengthening Chi to the Liver & Gall Bladder Meridians ! Spring is a time for renewal, a time for precious growth, expansion & bouyancy.! As we leave the ‘earthing’ stillness & deeply restful season of Winter behind, an opportunity for cleansing, clearing and creating welcomes us. ! It’s time to clear the weeds, work to detox your body and allow yourself to bloom! ! By aligning with the cycles of nature, Spring is a time when the Liver and Gall Bladder organs are most active. Of the Wood element, they are associated with the function of storage and distribution of Vital Energy. They also supports us in balancing our emotions, by staying stable yet flexible during this dynamic season. So quite naturally during this season, it’s of benefit to incorporate practices that passively stimulate and balance the Liver & Gall Bladder meridians (energy pathways). ! We explore Springs curiosity & playfulness through a practice of both stillness & gentle movement, in an expression of the essential, magical elements of Yin. Targeting the connective tissues, Yin Yoga brings space, freedom and lightness to the body, increasing the flow of energy throughout and allowing us to manage our cycles of energy, both yin & yang. So deeply releasing and deliciously relaxing. ! The workshop (3 hrs)! We will begin our session with a concise version of warming and stimulating ‘meridian exercises’ to improve the flow of Chi through the legs and hips, and release excess tension from the joints. Following this we will move through a gentle standing sequence focusing on ‘growing our roots’ as we work primarily into the legs (no weight bearing on the arms) and allow our energy to begin to experience ‘growth’ and rise upward and outward. We then welcome deep rest once again as we drift into a richly detoxing & nourishing Yin Yoga practice to open and bring space to the legs, hips and spine, whilst nourishing the Liver & Gall Bladder meridians. So incredibly yum :)! The session is open to students of all levels of practice including beginners, though not suitable for pregnancy. !