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Yin Workshops Auckland with Joe Barnett

Join Joe Barnett, senior teacher for Paul Grilley, for a special weekend of yin workshops in Auckland, New Zealand. Each workshop consists of a lecture and a practice.

All workshops are suitable for those with a yin practice, and teachers who want to deepen their understanding of the practice and teaching of yin.


1 Walter Leigh Avenue, Porirua NZ Porirua

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  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Aug 13 to
Aug 14
12:00 pmto19:00 pm

12-3pm Deep Hips
4-7pm Deep Spine
12-3pm The Rebound
4-7pm Yin yoga and Chakra Meditation



Full Description

Deep Hips 12-3pm

A Taoist Analysis, a Yin Practice: Hips Are you an Internal Rotator or an External Rotator? Our hips are naturally designed to roll toward one direction more than the other. Every body is unique. This practice will offer some strong clues as to which direction you were built to spiral… and more importantly, will reveal effective techniques for a regular therapeutic maintenance of your unique structure.

Deep Spine 4-7pm

Sacral Nutation:Rock the Sacrum! Nutation is a Latin word for rocking or nodding. The planets nutate, the growing shoot of a flower nutates, and your Sacrum nutates. Or at least it should. The Sacrum (another Latin word for Sacred) is the axis, the core, the keystone if you will, of the skeleton. It is the connection between Spine and Pelvis. And with every movement of the body, it has a very subtle, yet crucial movement unless it is stuck. Fixation of the sacrum is a very common occurrence in the developed world of chair-sitting. Come study and more importantly practice the Yin postures that will keep your Sacred Sacrum Rocking.

The Rebound: 12-3pm

An Exit Strategy The most challenging part of a Yin Yoga Posture is coming out of it. The most powerful part of the practice is the quiet space between poses: observing the vibrations that ripple through the body. From physical sensations through emotional fluctuations and thought patterns, this study will reveal the science and philosophy of the power of Savasana (Corpse Pose) and The Rebound.


The mysteries of the energetic body go as deep as the spirit, as deep as the mysteries of life and death. The study of the Chakras and Meridians is the study of the wheels and rivers of subtle energy that unite our physical, emotional and thinking bodies. The practice of Yin Yoga directly affects the Meridian system. And the techniques of surrender can lead the practitioner into their spine where the Chakra wheels spin and deep truths reside. Joe will present an outline of the Ancient Theory of the Three Bodies (Chakra layers), the Modern Meridian Theory followed by a Yin Yoga sequence to release thick fibrous channels of Fascia where the Meridian lines commonly stagnate; and brief but potent Chakra Meditations to bring the freed energy deep into the spine and spirit. Flying-Dragon/Sleeping-Swan: A Yang/Yin Yoga Sequence Yin Yoga is the sustained effort of stillness and surrender clearing energetic channels of stagnation. Yang Yoga is continuous movement to bring strong blood and Chi movement through cleared paths. In this session we will explore the Sleeping Swan’s gradual transformation into the Flying Dragon: The quiet sighs melting the Yogi into gravity, into the earth and into the comforting dark behind the eyelids. The gradual transition into flight: Circular movements, graceful twists, bends, and colorful visualizatio