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Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Mallorca

Understanding the science behind yin yoga compliments many of our unique and diverse backgrounds. Massage therapists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, life coaches, and yoga teachers are just some of the many healers that can apply the knowledge of yin yoga to expand their understanding of the psychosomatic relationship.


White Tara Yoga Co-Op5982411
000, Arte Mallorca, ES

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Nov 1 to
Nov 6
09:00 amto13:30 pm

9:30-6:30 x 5 days
on the 6th day we will end at 1:30 PM


800 €


*YIN YTT Manual
*40 contact hours of continuing education - Yoga Alliance Certified

Full Description

Learn three concise and easy to follow body maps — from which you will be able to build thoughtful, therapeutic and interesting classes.
1. Chakra Theory (psychology of Indian Yoga)
2. Meridian Theory (psychology of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
3. Myofascial Trains (the hardware that carries the mental and emotional vibrations through our physical make-up)


Theory and Philosophy (Energetic Anatomy)
• What is Yin Yoga?
• History of Yin Yoga
• Yin and Yang Theory — Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
• Organ Meridian Theory - Learn the physical, mental and emotional qualities of the twelve main organ meridians (TCM)
• Chakra Theory - Study the qualities and attributes of the 7 main chakras that reside along your main energetic channel.

• Study the nature of fascia and the location of the 12 myofascial lines. Compare
how these trains correspond to both the meridian system in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the Chakra system of traditional yoga
• Learn the defining principles of Yin Yoga that allow you to safely manipulate your fascial fabric.

• Learn all of the Yin postures, their variations and how to prop them.
• Meditation - The art of concentration (Dharana). To safely manipulate fascia, yin postures are held for 3-10 minutes. Here the student has an opportunity to explore the art of stillness amid this physical intensity. Yin yoga can be a wonderful bridge into a steady meditation practice, even for the busiest of minds.
• Pranayama - Learn the 'Abandha' breath and how to work with the Bandhas in a Yin way.

• Learn to sequence classes that take into consideration your students physical, mental and emotional condition by applying your knowledge of meridians and chakras to the manipulation of the myofascial lines.