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Yindalini Yoga or Trigger Point Myofascial Release ™

Combining two powerful yoga’s; kundalini yoga and yin yoga together helps create more balance in the body.
- kundalini yoga uses breath work and exercises called kriyas to open up the glands and spine
- yin yoga helps strengthen the joints by adding pressure to the bones for 3-5 minutes
- meditation helps bring this all together into bliss


Private Residential7802589
15928 Mountain View Drive, Surrey CA

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  • Workshop

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Mar 11 to
May 20
10:00 amto12:00 pm

Yindalini Classes - Every 2nd Wednesday 10 - 12 pm

* March 11th & March 25th
* April 8th & April 22nd
* May 6th & May 20th

Drop-In $25 OR Package 6 $132.00 plus GST

Ask about TPMR March 14



Full Description

Welcome to #yindaliniyoga ...

Come in and pour a tea and prepare for the day!

A perfect practice of yin and yang yoga that creates the ultimate balance to heal the body and mind together.

#Kundaliniyoga is an ancient art and science where the kundalini energy lies dormant in the human body in the the lower spine.

Applying breath work with specific exercises, known as #kriyas, help to wake up this kundalini energy (a distinct energy of current running along the spine).

It all starts at the base of the lower spine. With a constant focus on, and a continuous awareness of breath, creating a supple spine is as simple as applying gentle gyrating movements that starts to activate the fluid inside (known as cerebrospinal fluid - CSF).

This action of moving the spine, and the non-action when stopping movement after the exercise is done, has the potential to spiral the CSF up to the skull where certain glands are found in the brain.

When applied with conscious breathing, including deep holding of the breath at the end where there is no movement made, can help produce a neutral state of the mind where #meditation becomes accessible. Seeing that #oneeye or #thirdeye, even colour is one sign that you’re accessing the pineal gland.

#Yinyoga uses postures, known as asanas. These poses are 3-5 minute long held stretches that bring the body into stillness while applying pressure on the bones, and of course that would put pressure on the mind.

Yin yoga practice adds increased strength and stability to the joints. Connected to those joints are connective tissues, like tendons and ligaments, and of course the all popular fascia.

Yindalini yoga is new and can be done by everyone. Not everyone can move their spine the same way or go deep into certain postures.

We know that your body is unique to you. You will never look like the person next to you and so that means that your yoga will always be different.

The most brilliant part of Kundalini and Yin Yoga is that when the body is finally still enough, and the glands and nervous system are brought back into balance, the mind has an opportunity to meditate.

Meditation does not mean to stop thinking. It’s normal to be thinking and for the body to move even when we asked not to. When the body and the mind are balanced, it now takes great discipline to stay where you are and allow this energy to move. Try it!

#YinYoga #Kundalini #Yindalini
#ShivaCor #CoralLeiJane

Please ask about Trigger Point Myofascial Release
Saturday Workshops (10-1pm)
* March 14th - TPMR #2 Hips and Spine
* April 18th - TPMR #3 Knees and Toes
Cost is $35.00 plus GST