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Yoga Alliance International Teacher Training 200 hours

Durga’s Tiger School is offering a teacher training in a private atmosphere; we do not accept more than 16 persons for the instruction.

The Ashram feeling help the students to concentrate on their training, getting away from the every day tasks, to dive deep into a process of self discovery and the joy of having a time in life with no other responsibilities. To share this experience with other yogis we create a high-energy field and deepen the understanding of the yoga practice.


Rumihuaico Alto, lote 169, Tumbaco - Quito EC 170184

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Mar 1 to
Mar 28
12:00 pmto02:30 am

the TTC program finish on the 27th of March, on the 28th you can stay to dhare a last more day or leave at the time you prefer



price includes the teacher training course, meals and accommodation in double or triple room.

Full Description

In the mornings, after the daily meditation and the breakfast, there is one and a half hour or two hours theory or tjeorical-practical class and then yoga practice for 2 hours. We have two hours rest during the lunch time and we have other 2 hours theoric-practical work and two and half hours f yoga practice. Some nights, after dinner we have tantra philosophy classes, mantra chanting, dancing or special events related with teachings during the course.

55% of yoga practice are focussed on Tantra yoga, 30% of classes we work woth kundalini yoga which, energetically hold the work we do with Tantra and 15% of practical classes are yoga exploration laboratories where students discover other yoga thechniques like Ashtanga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, so that they can cultivate the curiosity of investigating more and increase their knowledge. Tantra yoga we teach in our school helps you in the process becuse it is the base of the Yoga and comes from very ancient and traditional teachings.

Theoric or theoric-practical classes are on tantra, its philosophy amd application in everyday life or with you partner or with the relationship with yourself and your environment. We learn yoga methodology, fisiology, ayurveda medicine, adean culture, its cosmovision ans similarities with the eastern culture.

Students will have time to practice between themselves, giving tantra yoga teaching lessons.

Working with future teachers, we will give emphasis on a yoga tantric life style, where we teach the Tantra Yoga philosophy and arts. Together with the students we search ways how to implement the Yoga experience in the every day life.

In the teachings about the tantric energetic process of the polarity between Shiva and Shakti principles we learn to integrate our sexual energy into the process.

We teach how to work with tantric rituals like the puja and offerings.

With the Kundalini yoga on the base of Yogi Bajhan we integrate a different approach to yogic energy work and pranayana aspects in movement.

In the ayurvedic massages we learn more about our body, about physiology and anatomy. We get a theoretical knowledge about ayurvedic kitchen.

To deepen the body creativity we relax with Durga’s Tiger Dance, a form of movement Iris Disse developed out of yoga energy work implemented in different dance stiles. The training involves voice work integrating mantra chanting.

As we are living in Ecuador with a huge American Indian population, we work on the shamanism energy concepts, too, in relation to the tibetean tantric tradition. Here you find some coincidences with the shamanic visionaries of the Andes, for example working on the astral, energy and subtle anatomy and physiology. This work helps the Ecuadorian Yoga pupils to integrate more easily with the eastern wisdom.

Karma Yoga is part of of community life learning and part of the TTC. We help each other to keep clean communitary spaces and materials, we take care of the “Pachamama” (Earth) removing rubbish from our mountain, we keep in contact with the earth and its fruits, we contribute creatively in the learning of the group, we do little manual workshops.