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Yoga Anatomy Weekend

Anatomy, Alignment and Yoga Therapy - Part I

Gain practical knowledge on how your physical body functions on an anatomical level. Explore skeletal anatomy and physiology, movements and joint safety.


532 N. Washington St., Alexandria VA, US 22314

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  • Workshop

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Oct 25 to
Oct 26
05:30 amto09:00 am

Anatomy, Alignment and Yoga Therapy
For teachers and students



COST for Part 1: $110 prior to 10/20, $150 thereafter
COST for Part 2: $90 prior to 10/20, $120 thereafter
COST: for Part I and Part II $190 prior to 10/20, $220 thereafter

Full Description

These workshops are about learning anatomy for yoga in a way that is informative, fun, and useful for both teachers and students alike.

Explore the major systems of the human body, the bones, the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons and how they work together.

In the first workshop you will:
- review planes of movement, muscle contractions, origin and insertion
- review the vertebral column structure (vertebral bodies, discs, ligaments and musculature)
- understand the movements of the spine and the law of side bending and rotation, the science of stretch, the shoulder; gleno-humeral rhythm and the importance of stabilization and mobilization
- work through a select group of yoga poses to distinguish landmarks and reinforce understanding

In this second workshop you will:
- learn about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and why their understanding is so important for your health
- discuss heart, lungs, and bones select pathologies and how they relate to yoga.
- review and practice asana stretching, strength building and alignment.
- review and practice restorative, therapeutic asanas