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Yoga and the art of exploration

Even if a particular sequence or approach to yoga works, there are times when we need a more individualized and personalized approach.


Finsbury Park Avenue, London GB N4 1DS
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Sep 10
10:00 amto13:00 pm



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When we start to practice yoga, we generally do someone else's practice. We go to a class and we do the poses. Many people find this an enriching and empowering experience. Some find that these practices suit them and they can continue them as a life long practice.

Even if a particular sequence or approach to the practice works, there are times when we need a more individualized and personalized approach.

What we need in order to have a more personalized approach is to cultivate skills of inquiry. It is the skill of learning how to set up a pose or part of a pose in a way that yields the results that we want. It is the skills of slowing down and taking time to figure out what it is that we need and building some poses from that. It is cultivating skills in self support, setting clear boundaries and deciding what we want and what we don’t want. We need to take stock of our skillset, notice where there are gaps and look for ways to learn those skills.

If you are a teacher, this approach is also very useful for generating further material for your classes, or just helping a student solve a particular issue that they bring to class

If you are a student this approach is useful for developing your practice further and bringing you the results that you want.

It will cover the following

How to get started with ideas for your own enquiries
How to deal with overwhelm
How to balance the need for entrainment and repetition with the need for creativity and originality
It will contain a mixture of guided inquiries to establish where we are in our bodies, our minds, our emotions and then will have some space for personal enquiries within the group setting.

We will be doing some simple vinyasas (flowing sequences) and asana as part of the class.

It is suitable for yoga practitioners of 1 year of more of yoga experience.

If you are a complete beginner, please call me to discuss whether this workshop would be suitable for you