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YOGA-ART-WALK in Nature, Holistic YOGA+ART Retreat, Portugal

Let the energy flow, live in accordance with your essential nature
with Martina, yoga teacher and student of Manju Jois and Anita Späth, art therapist and social worker
We are pleased to offer this Holistic YOGA+ART Retreat in such a beautiful the retreat we want to explore our inner self by connecting the yoga process with art and creativity. People are invited to pause, to discover, to consciously perceive, to accept and to unfold.


Quinta Bamboo - Portugal
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Tábua, Coimbra PT 3420-201

Type of Event

  • Retreat

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May 23 to
May 28
07:00 amto07:00 am

We are looking forward to experience this retreat with you. We invite you to come on saturday already from 14:00 to have time to arrive. The first yoga practice to be familiar starts at 16:30.
On the last day, tuesday, by taking an extended brunch we have time for a final summary and conversation.


345 €

- 8 people can participate,
- 4 people sharing the guest house with 2 double rooms/ 1person 395 €
- tent pitches for 4 people, ( 1 tent /2 person) /1 person 345 €

surcharge of €30 from April 15, 2015.

A non refundable initial deposit of 40% on reservation is required.
Registration: Since the number of participants is limited, we recommend early registration to avoid disappointment.
please mail: /> the price includes
shared accommodation in our guesthouse or for the more basics tent pitches (tents are available)
all vegetarian meals, (vegetables from our organic garden or from the local area)
Tea, water, fresh fruit and nuts during the day (organic herbs for the tea from our farm)
all yoga practices
all art practices and materials
excursion + lunch paket
more info:

Full Description

Holistic YOGA + ART Retreat in the Heart of Portugal, Quinta Bamboo

Anita and Martina are looking forward to jointly host this retreat. They have met through the practice of Yoga, are artists who like to share their knowledge with others. For years both prove an alternative, green, and more simple way of life, with respect for nature, animals and people.
Our quinta (farm) with a surprising biodiversity, is located next to the peaceful river serve healthy vegetarian food, refined with herbs of the season with biological products from our garden or from the local area. You can help in the community by cooking, cleaning or gardening. as a selfless service (seva). The idea of serving without any expectation is an important concept not only in yogic traditions.
The daily practice of yoga opens the body, mind and senses, which will be a source of inspiration and creativity.

YOGA The yoga studies cover both, morning Ashtanga Asana Practice, as well as Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation and Philosophy. In Restorative Yoga classes in the evenings we will allow the body to naturally release by supported and passive yoga postures, which are maintained for a longer period.
ART-CREATIVITY By attentive perception of the environment (meditative walks, listening, observing, collecting (gathering) we can find an abundance of materials from nature (stone, leaves, wood, bamboo sticks, seeds,...)to artistically stimulate the creative and liberating process. Create objects in nature or explore your inner images and body sensations by sketching, drawing and painting, in silence or together as a group. As a daily ritual in the evening everyone can design a spontaneous sketch to finish the day. The joy of individual expression and activity is important, let lead you by the intuition. Artistic skills are not required.
- walk with awareness
Our tour takes us to the Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal.(1993m) which is formed from a huge granite ridge. The gorgeous area, with oddly shaped rocks and gorges, mountain streams and lakes, beautiful forests and magnificent views can be ideal to combine yogic breathing techniques with walking. The walking breath will increase stamina, and revitalize body and mind. Good posture and form while walking facilitate a proper breathing. Observing the breath as you walk clears the mind, it can be (like the ashtanga yoga practice) a meditation in movement. We can extend the picnic to create in the inspiring nature with found materials sculptures as mandala. The brave can take a refreshing dip in a cold mountain lake.

Anita has the vision to support people to discover and develop their potential. As an art therapist, she likes to offer people a safe place where they can be themselves without judgement. Through art, feelings, thoughts and body sensations can be expressed and thus made aware. She works on the basis of a humanistic, holistic view of human nature, which considers the human being as a unit consisting of body, mind and soul.
For 4 years Anita practices Yoga which means to her a conscious perception and takes her in the here and now.
As a social worker she has been working for 10 years in various institutions, caring for people in difficult life situations. On longer trips abroad (India, Brazil, Portugal), she also got involved in social projects.
In our retreat she likes to accompany people on an inner process that helps them to receive greater clarity of who they are, what they want by exploring creative solutions.

Martina, the owner of Quinta Bamboo and organizer of the retreats is a passionate Yoga- practitioner and teacher.
She studied with respected Ashtanga teachers, such Kino Mc Gregor, David Swenson and Tomás Zorzo in retreats, teacher trainings and workshops. As a student of Manju Jois, who is as the son of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois a direct connection to the source of Ashtanga Yoga, she completed the teacher trainings of the first and intermediate series.
Martina has been teaching Yoga for 8 years in her studio in Tábua and at Quinta Bamboo.
She has 20 years of experience as a teaching Taekwon-Do master (Dan III), is trained in Shiatsu (acupressure massage) which supports the teaching, For 10 years she directs and organizes the TKD academy and Yoga chikitsa Tábua, Portugal.
She also works as a painter, has a degree in Fine Arts and pedagogy (education and visual art). On the quinta she is responsible for the garden, living and caring according to the idea of permaculture.
As a teacher, she sees herself as an initiator and companion on a journey. She gives the students various choices, so that they may build their personal yoga practice. The main focus in the practice is breathing with awareness to explore and enjoy the journey of a meditative experience.

PROGRAM, Daily Schedule (subject to change)
Saturday 23/5

14:00 – 16:00 Arrival
16:30 – 18:00 Centering + earth rooting yoga practice
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Yoga philosophy, Meditation, Sketch-ritual

Sunday 24/5, Monday 25/5, Wednesday 27/5

7:00 mindfull walk from the guest house to the yoga shala
silent meditation
7:30 Ashtanga Yoga practice*

short break for drinking,
9:30 Pranayama and/or chanting
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Art practice/ Art in Nature
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Art practice
16:00 Individual expression(art, walking, other )
18:00 Yoga/ restorative
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Meditation, sketch-ritual

*First day led class, + intro, sun salutation, fundamental postures,
finishing postures, relaxation,
other days mysore style (self practice with individual
guidance and adjustment)

Tuesday 26/5, Tour of Serra da Estrela

7:00 Mindfull Walk from the guest house to yoga shala
silent meditation
Short Ashtanga practice
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Tour of Serra da with awareness, picnic
(lunchpack), Art in
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Meditation, sketch-ritual

Thursday 28/5

7:00 Mindfull Walk from the guest house to yoga shala
silent meditation
7:30 Ashtanga Yoga practice
9:30 Pranayama , chanting
10:00 Brunch
11:00 Art practice, sketch-ritual, summary
13:00, 14:00 Farewell