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Yoga & Ayurveda with Dr. Indu Arora - Memorial Weekend Immersion

The ancient teachings of Yoga are rooted in the understanding of Ayurveda, the innate knowledge of life. Together, these sister-sciences unlock the gateway to profound wisdom, natural healing and harmonious existence. Yoga deepens the understanding of Ayurveda and Ayurveda deepens the understanding of Yoga.


51 1/2 South Court Street, Fairfield IA, US 52556
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  • Workshop



May 23 to
May 25
00:30 amto20:00 pm

Friday, May 23 7:30 pm
FREE - Introduction to Yoga & Ayurveda
“Nothing has the greatest power to heal but the Self”

Full Class descriptions

Saturday, May 24
9:30-12:30 Asana, Dosha, Kosha, Marma, Chakra, Nadis
1:45-4:45 Yoga for the Doshas
7:30-9:30 pm Theory & Practice of Moon Salutations

Sunday, May 25
9:30-12:30 The Trinity: Yoga, Agni and Soma
1:45-4:45 18 Point Marma Vidya

Monday, May 26
9:30-12:30 Astro Yoga 1: Ayurvedic Astrology, Human Psychology and Yoga Asana Therapy with Barry Rosen (not included in weekend pass price)

Dr. Arora will also be offering Personal Ayurvedic appointments Monday, May 26. $110 1hr Session. Please call 472-4287 or contact at morningstarlisco



Weekend Pass-All 5 of Dr. Arora’s Classes $195.00. $235 after May 23. 3 hr Classes $50 each, 2 hr Classes $35. Students $35/20 at the door. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER - CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED

Full Description

In this Memorial Weekend Immersion, Master teacher Dr. Indu Arora will offer a series of classes designed to cultivate an in-depth understanding of how Ayurveda and Yoga work as an integrative therapy to optimize health, prevent disease and aid in rehabilitation. Recognizing that each individual has a unique mind-body-spirit framework, the fusion of Ayurveda & Yoga provides us with knowledge, practice and tools to create clarity and connection between our inner and outer world. Through the integration of knowledge and experience, this weekend workshop will explore the relationship between the physical Self, the outermost Kosha to the spiritual Self, the innermost Kosha. Classes such as ‘The Trinity -Yoga, Agni and Soma’, ‘18 Point Marma Vidya’ and ‘Moon Salutation Practice’ will create a journey of discovery through the multi-dimensional layers of self. Full class description at

A true Yogini by Karma, Dr. Indu Arora is highly accomplished international speaker, Master Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, Healer and Author, with more than 13 years and 35,000 hours of teaching experience. She is a registered Ayurvedic Clinician 4500 Hours through AAPNA. Dr. Arora has a Doctorate in Alternate Medicine (MD), A Medicinal Herbalism degree (BMHS), a diploma in Naturopathy (ND) and Magnetic Therapy. She is pursuing her PhD. in Metaphysical Sciences from University of Metaphysical Sciences, CA.