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Yoga Beginner's Course

We will be practising a classical form of yoga, Sivananda Yoga in 10 weeks progressively and systematically at a mindful pace. In classical yoga, we place importance on the learning of pranayama (breathing exercise) and acquiring the skills of relaxation on top of the yoga poses. Tips of good daily habits will be shared too.


15 Yan Kit Road #02-00, Singapore SG 088267

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  • Course

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Jun 2 to
Aug 4
07:30 amto09:30 am

Location : Yoga Vihara Tanjong Pagar
Time : 7.30-9pm, every Thursday
Over a period of 10 Weeks!



$150 for 10 Classes. An affordable class for working adults.

A FREE training manual will be given to the first 10 registered participants.

Full Description


2 Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
- Kapalabhati
- Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sun Salutation
- A sequence of 12 poses

12 Poses (See benefits of 12 poses here)
- Head Stand (NOT teach in Beginners Class, but a taste of it at the end of course can be given to the students)
- Shoulder Stand
- Plough
- Bridge
- Fish
- Sitting Forward Bend
- Cobra
- Locust
- Bow
- Half Spinal Twist
- Standing Forward Bend
- Triangle

Some variations of these 12 poses will also be added to the class progressively.

Relaxation techniques
Varieties of relaxation poses will be given in between different stretches : Savasana (corpose pose), Child pose and Crocodile pose.

Clear and precise instructions will be deliver to guide you in using your mind to relax different parts of your body.

One of the most important to learn is FINAL RELAXATION. It is practise at the end of the class to help you release all tensions from your body part by part starting from toes moving up all the way to the head.

5 points of yoga
Yoga can also be practise off the mat if we adopt a more conscious lifestyle to help the wellbeing of daily routine.
Below are the 5 points that will be shared with you during the course.

- Proper Exercise
- Proper Breathing
- Proper Relaxation
- Proper Diet
- Positive Thinking and Meditation

Read more details of these 5 points from Sivananda Headquarters website here.

Contact for further enquiries.