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Yoga, Chakras and Creativity

Yoga Workshop
Yoga, Chakras + Creativity
Saturday 21 May, 10.30am-4.00pm


35-37 Bread St. Edinburgh, Edinburgh MidLothian, GB EH3 9AL

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  • Workshop

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May 21
10:30 amto16:30 pm

This workshop offers a practical understanding of the chakras and the energy flow that enables us to develop positive and creative aspects of our personality. Explore chakra by chakra, yoga and meditation practices for grounding, inherent joy, willpower, loving kindness. This workshop is suitable for all levels.



This workshop is suitable for all levels. £35/ £25 concession

For more information contact Andrea :

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May Newsletter
Upcoming Events from the Healthy Life Centre
After the Rain.

We've had some extraordinary weather lately; it seems Spring has made only the shortest of visits. Luckily there are other ways to bring sunshine into your life! Come and try one of our all new classes or workshops this month or treat yourself to an holistic treatment like our Reiki offer, that is bound to leave you smiling all the way home.



£20 for a 30 minutes session

Reiki Master Wendy Burns has been practising Energy Healing for many years. Her awareness began at the age of 7 years old when she discovered how the laying on of hands could remarkably help ease someone’s pain. She believes that Reiki can help alleviate suffering - whether it is of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature and that a Reiki practitioner acts like a bridge allowing healing energy to flow where ever it needs to go.

This May is a great opportunity to experience a taster of Reiki Healing and meet Wendy, who is dedicated to helping you on your journey and is offering after-care if needed, between sessions.

Space is limited. Appointments available Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Please call the Centre on 0131 229 0724 to book.
Offer ends 31st May.

and new therapies
now available

Sabine Ménard

Foot Health Practitioner & Foot Massage
Traditional Wat Po Thai Massage Therapist
SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner

Sabine is a trained and very experienced French born therapist who spent many years of her life on the island of Mauritius and has now relocated to Edinburgh. She is well versed in several therapies, including Foot Care, Traditional Thai Massage and Quantum SCIO Biofeedback.

Foot Care: a Pampering Care for Aching Feet
Dealing with areas of hardened and thickened skin, corn and calluses, ingrown toe nails, friction and pressure, aching feet from too much standing or walking. A foot massage is included to promote a feeling of well-being. For ladies: application of nail polish is available at no extra charge, a small selection of colours on display but please feel free to bring your own.
1 hour £40.

Traditional Thai Massage: the Energy Booster
This is done on a futon with the client fully clothed and so it is recommended you wear loose, comfortable or stretchy clothing. This ancestral massage is a mix of stretching and loosening-up technique, that promotes relaxation, relieves aching muscles, increases blood and lymph circulation and provides a sense of wellbeing. 1 hour £45

Quantum SCIO Biofeedback: Preventive Care for a Healthy Life
Biofeedback is an advanced system of energetic therapy designed for stress detection and reduction. Stress can impact your health in a number of different ways: the way your body manages mood, which in turn can have an affect on the way your body is able to manage digestion; the way your body is able to fight disease; or do what it was designed to do naturally - heal itself. Biofeedback induces relaxation and reduces stress. 1 1/2 hours session: £70.

To book a session with Sabine, call the Centre 0131 229 0724 or Sabine directly on
07851 867927


Come and learn HOW to Meditate
from experienced teachers

11th May to 1st June - 4 week course
Wednesdays 7 - 9pm

Meditation is crucial for human flourishing and it needs to be approached in the appropriate way and practiced with skill. The emphasis on this course is on learning this subtle art and we want to give you much more than just a technique. You will be learning HOW to meditate.

We also take a particular interest in working with modern hindrances to the meditative life; distractedness, disconnection from your body, emotions, people and environment. This is the fertile ground upon which anxiety, stress and depression flourish. Meditation creates the space to undermine these tendencies and cultivate a healthier ground from which you can flourish.

All of the meditation practices are suitable for beginners or more experienced practitioners looking for a fresh perspective.

Cost: £80/60
To book your place go to

John Dhiraka Frater is an enthusiastic and experienced meditation teacher. He believes we can all meditate and benefit greatly from it. His background and training is in the Buddhist tradition but he also draws widely on western culture and philosophy in his teaching. Increasingly he has noticed the peculiarly modern problems that many of his meditation students are suffering from which traditional Buddhist teachings don't directly recognise or address. His courses through Live and Flourish is his response to these needs.

On this course John will be supported by Marion Stumpe, who brings a wealth of experience from the field of health and wellbeing.

For more information see

Qi Gong Classes
with Elena Alvarez

Qi Gong Rising is the name of a new series of Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) exercise classes taking place weekly to promote health in mind and body through cultivating energy as practised 5000 years ago in ancient China. The classes are designed for mixed groups, taking part in different routines with the aim of strengthening health, balance and self-confidence, and also to help with general physical and mental wellbeing. This is a great chance to practice and learn the Art of Cultivating Energy through the Body and Mind. Beginners are very welcome. This class has now moved to the large upstairs room!

NEW BLOCK starts on Thursday 12th May
7.30 - 8.30pm
Cost: £10 drop-in / £56 for 7-week block (£8 per session).
Contact Elena to book: ​

New Pilates Classes
starting in May

Mondays 7.15 pm

BarreConcept is a creative 60 minute workout, which combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga and the grace and technique of ballet.

This unique programme is designed to tone the thighs, lift the butt, sculpt the arms and flatten the abdominals. Full range movements are performed, followed by end range isometric contractions and then a static hold in order to fatigue the muscle. Stretches follow directly afterwards in order to elongate the muscles, creating a long, lean and strong physique. Equipment such as balls, weights and bands are added to the class to challenge the body further.

Classes are suitable for everyone (Pilates or dance experience not necessary) and are run by an experienced and fully accredited instructor.

First class free, afterwards prices are following:

Block of 5 classes £47 (valid for 3 months)
Block of 10 classes £90 (valid for 6 months)
Drop-in £10

New client offer: get 10% off first block booking!

For more information contact Veronika on

for Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes

Mondays 8.20 pm

Matwork with emphasis on alignment, breathing, flexibility and core strength to help improve performance, prevent or recover from injuries, and increase general wellbeing. Enjoy classical Pilates style with a modern approach for best results.

Small class sizes for individual attention and maximum benefit.
First class only £5, afterwards prices are following:

Block of 5 classes £47 (valid for 3 months)
Block of 10 classes £90 (valid for 6 months)
Drop-in £10
New client offer: get 10% off first block booking!

For more information contact Veronika on

Veronika Dudasova has always been passionate about fitness and health; she’s been teaching Pilates since 2007 and has worked in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. She spent the last five years working in London and Cambridge, and has recently moved to Edinburgh.

After becoming a fully qualified Pilates instructor she started looking into ways to add the much needed cardio element to her classes, to improve cardiovascular fitness and kick start weight loss. She specialised in teaching dynamic Pilates on the Reformer.

In 2013 she trained in the BarreConcept method, becoming one of the first trainers in the UK, and she quickly fell in love with it - it was everything she wanted from a workout. It’s effective, challenging, precise and provides tons of variety.

Veronika is inspired and motivated by her clients’ goals and strength. She enjoys creating tough, energising sessions, but most of all she aims to make every workout fun.

Edinburgh Buddhist Centre/Triratna Edinburgh
The Buddhist Path to Freedom
Evening course

A six-week introductory course in Buddhism and Meditation
Thursday 28th April - 26th May (7.30 - 9.30pm)

On this course we will introduce the basic principles of Buddhism and discuss the relevance of them to our everyday lives. Topics will include the The Four Noble Truths (universal suffering, its cause, eradication and gradual cure), the role of mindfulness in spiritual practice, and the three-fold path of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom. We will also give instruction in the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness) meditation techniques, which are effective in developing qualities such as calm, concentration, self-awareness, warmth, care and contentment.

Cost: £70/45 (concession). or book and pay by cash/cheque directly at Reception at the Healthy Life Centre.

Please include a note with your name, email and phone number with your booking.
Enquiries by email if possible please to: /> mobile 07599 71855

To view more upcoming events, courses and workshops from
Edinburgh Buddhist Centre visit:


Meetings Without Masks
A heart-centred workshop for singles
Sunday 29th May 10.30am - 5.30pm

In a gender-balanced group, we will explore how to meet each other more authentically as men and women. The day has been carefully structured to help this happen with fun and creative exercises to open and relax you. Run by coach and relationship expert, Natasha Hood, it is safe, supportive and both professionally and compassionately delivered.

It is a singles event that includes mind, body, heart and soul, alongside humour and tenderness.

Whether you meet your soulmate or not, it is a great opportunity to enjoy, and maybe risk, being a little (or a lot!) more intimate and human and alive.

Natasha Hood 07825 603 998

This workshop offers a practical understanding of the chakras and the energy flow that enables us to develop positive and creative aspects of our personality. Explore chakra by chakra, yoga and meditation practices for grounding, inherent joy, willpower, lovingkindness, communication, intuition and connection.

This workshop will include:
yoga poses
mantra chanting

Chakra awakening practices help you release physical and emotional tensions and blockages; they leave you feeling subtly energised, openhearted and empowered. In addition to these practices we will use play, mantra and experiential activities as a means to expand consciousness.