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YOGA, DREAM AND SOUND #1 - An Explorative Journey Of The Senses

Yoga, dreaming and sound, each in its own special way, keep us connected to sources of healing, creativity and spiritual insight in an order of reality that is hidden from our ordinary perception. With creative and life-giving techniques involving Yoga and Sound Healing, you will have the possibility to dive deep into your inner self.


Hauptstraße 30, Schönwalde-Glien Brandenburg, DE 14621

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  • Retreat

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May 6 to
May 8
14:00 pmto15:00 pm

The retreat will take place from Friday the 6th of May at 2PM to Sunday the 8th of May at 3PM in Foxberghof, a 100 year old farmhouse surrounded by gardens, fields and forests and submerged in the nature at the border of a small beautiful village.


280 €

Tent: €280
Shared Room: €350
Double Room: €390
Single Room: €430

Prices includes all classes and sessions, food and accommodation.
Shiatsu treatments on donation basis.
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Full Description

During the 3 day retreat we will guide you on a journey through your physical and spiritual sensibility, giving you the tools to (re-) discover your path towards inner awareness and exploration.

One Pranayama class and two extra long Hatha Yoga sessions per day will bring physical rejuvenation, spiritual purification as well as mental quietude and alertness, while an introduction to Active Dreaming will give you a structured frame which allows to safely shake the limits of one's imagination, sharpen intuition and prepare the soul to rise higher towards the purest spirit.

These practices will prepare your body and mind for the visionary experience of the Sound Bath Meditation sessions, which will take place every evening. Sound has been used as a healing implement for centuries. It is heard not only with the ears but felt with every cell in the human body (65% of which consists of water, the ultimate sound conductor). By synchronizing body vibrations and consequently brain waves to specific sound frequencies, it is possible to achieve profound states of relaxation and restore disharmonies. As illness could be regarded as a manifestation of disharmony in the body, rebalancing by deeply bathing in sound is the key to open the deepest doors of our self perception.

In addition to the Pranayama, Yoga and Sound Bath Meditation, Shiatsu student and yogini Emme Preisler, will be giving treatments during the retreat. The treatments will give you the chance to further explore new dimensions of your energetical senses and the physical aspect of the journey you are on, as well as offer deep relaxation in order for you to connect with yourself and gain a sense of balance within.

To support our practice as well as please our senses, our renounced chef Giulia will serve us three meals per day, consisting of locally sourced, organic and vegan ingredients, carefully put together to allow harmonious eating that nourishes body and soul.


Yoga and Pranayama: Amanda Morelli

Amanda has been practicing yoga since childhood, growing up as she did with two yoga teachers for parents. At the age of 15, she started to practice regularly, first with the Sivananda Method and then with the Pranayoga Method of Maurizio Morelli. She is recognised by CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) as a certified trainer of teachers, having completed the Teacher Training Course and the Master Program at the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa. In 2011, Amanda began teaching hatha yoga and meditation in Berlin. Her yoga practice is both precise and deep, creative and informed by symbolisim, subtle hints of physiology and an atuned awareness of anatomy. Great importance is given to the integration of movement and breath, the development of self awareness, and having respect for oneself and one’s body as the basis of a practice where every posture is vivified by the light of consciousness. Amanda studies, practices and teaches the whole spectrum of the sacred path of yoga and believes in a holistic and creative approach to it. She is responsible for the Yoga TTC of the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa in Berlin, together with Maurizio Morelli. Her weekly hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation classes are held at yellow yoga.

Sound Bath Meditation Sessions: Lucy

Lucy (née Luca Mortellaro) is one of the pre-eminent sonic adventurers of his time. Not bound to conventional pre-conceptions of what an electronic musician, producer, or DJ must be, Lucy has evolved his distinct sound signature by reconciling the deeply personal with the esoteric, and by harmonizing the spheres of technology and biology. In doing so, he has become rare as an artist, in his ability to please an audience while also introducing them to elements they were not yet familiar with and thereby pushing them out of their comfort zone. However, one of his true strengths lies in his ability to take a DJ’s knowledge of collective mood manipulation and combine it with the more anarchic or questing spirit of non-techno forms of psychedelic music and ritual practices. His acclaimed monthly Sound Bath Meditation Sessions in Berlin, involving the use of traditional instruments like gongs and bells, are a prime example of this capability and passion.


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