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Yoga For All

Namaste. MMSC offers YOGA for ALL an ongoing yoga program based on caring instruction rather than instructor lead classes. Our classes enables students and practitioners to practice with teachers who understand each student’s situation and objectives. This understanding comes through verbal and bodily communication. The instruction offered is centered on the needs and goals of the student and programs and classes evolve around the students’ needs rather than the teachers’ needs. At YOGA for ALL


Many Mansion Spiritual Centre549411
80 Beach Blvd, Hamilton, ON, CA L8H 6V9

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Jan 5 to
Dec 8
11:00 amto16:15 pm



Monthly Membership 200 $ unlimited yoga classes and also includes one Yoga Therapy Session.
Note: Individuals must communicate well in advance, ideally 48 hours in advance (minimum 18 hours prior each class or at the latest by 8 pm on the evening prior the intended class) their attendance by e-mailing at: or texting 289-4001240.

20% discount for early registration by December 20 2014

Full Description

Mondays 600 to 700 - Yoga Beginners/Basics

Instructor: Giuseppe Rosato / Co-Instructor Sunitha Palaveettil
True to Classical Yoga roots, in Beginners/basics’ Yoga we bring our focus to exploring basic poses in depth and with additional cueing to help build on the foundation of our asana practice.  This is a great opportunity for beginners to learn the basic principles of asanas-yoga poses, pranayamas-breathing and savasana-relaxation in a safe and playfull atmosphere. Suitable for newcomers to yoga as well as anyone seeking to strengthen the grounding of their practice.

Tuesdays 630 to 730 - Gentle/Restorative Yoga

Instructor: Giuseppe / Co-Instructor Sunitha
For beginners or advanced levels, this class offers students a great chance to unwind, relax and restore lost vitality for everyday life functionality and balance. Instructor Giuseppe offers students gentle and in-depth poses which allows people to feel comfortable and relaxed while also restoring lost vitality throughout the entire class. 

Wednesdays 600 to 700 - Classical Hatha/Sivananda

Instructor: Giuseppe / Co-Instructor Sunitha
Classical, Hatha and Sivananda yoga offer a comprehensive approach to the practice of yoga (postures, breath-work, relaxation, and awareness to cultivate well-being are applied).

The Classical approach to yoga offers something for people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. Classical Yoga is excellent for newer or Experienced students. Both will be given the space to develop and delve deep into their own practice with extra guidance. There is no pressure to move from one pose to the other on the contrary encouragement to hold the poses for a longer time so to improve your flexibility, range of motion, strength, balance, vitality and expand your everyday awareness.

Thursdays 630 to 700 - Kundalini/Chakra Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Instructors: Giuseppe & / Co-Instructor Sunitha
Chakra Yoga class is an experiential opportunity to experience the vital energetic body centres. Class includes yoga poses to open and regulate energy flow, breathing practices and Chakra visualization/techniques to awaken life-energy, balance chakras. The students will learn mindfulness so to integrate practices that help connections between movements and subtle body-chakra system, and relaxation.

Monday to Saturday: Yoga Therapy Therapist: Giuseppe Rosato (MA)
Personalized and tailor made one-on-one yoga sessions. 48 hrs Pre-Booking Required Cost: 40 $ Per Hour

Yoga Therapy is the specialized adaptation of evidence based Yoga applications for people with medical conditions. Yoga has shown systematic positive evidence that it can aid in the alleviation of many different ailments and conditions such as traumas, hypertension, post-traumatic symptoms (such as anxiety and stress), heart conditions, asthma and diabetes.

Yoga Therapy retains the basic principles and aims of Yoga, working holistically at all levels of the mind and the body. As with most other complementary therapies, the first step in Yoga therapy is to have a client's uncompromising will to learn and practice Yoga techniques. Clients, in case of doubts, should get an assessment by a physician or other qualified professional ( psychologist, physiotherapist) who can diagnose the condition.

Yoga therapy can complement treatment of disease, injury and other physical and mental impairments. Yoga therapy focuses on specific needs of an individual (: injury, trauma) but always works at a holistic level, in other words, Yoga therapy attempts to integrate all the aspects of an individual (: emotional, energetic, psychological-mental--and spiritual) that are momentarily disjointed.