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Yoga for Neck & Shoulders


275 Mont-Royal Est, Montréal QC, CA H2T 1R1
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  • Workshop

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Apr 2
10:00 amto13:00 pm



Early Bird Fee (pay on or before April 5) $45
Fee After April 5 $55
Student price: -20% on presentation of your full-time student card
Prerequisite: 6 months of Iyengar yoga

Full Description

The shoulder is the place where the arm is attached
to the trunk. It is a complex structure
consisting of more than one joint. The hand and
arm require a huge range of motion therefore the
shoulder joint must be very flexible and at the
same time it must be strong to provide a stable
fixed point for certain actions like lifting heavy
objects and pushing against resistance, etc. The
neck supports the weight of the head and protects
the nerves that run from the brain down to
the rest of the body. The neck is very flexible and
allows the head to turn and flex in all directions.

The neck has a lot of functionality and both the
neck and shoulders are susceptible to stress and
storage of tension. Through our modern life
styles and the aging process we lose some of the
flexibility in these two areas creating stiffness and
building more tension. Consider the long cold
winter we had this year. To retain the heat in the
body we unconsciously lift the shoulders and roll
them forward and tense the muscles of the neck.
We need to consciously release this built up tension.

In this workshop we will free up, clear up, decongest
and mobilise these crucial areas.